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Book Recommendations for West Africa

Hi, I have a friend in a very poor country in West Africa, and I'm hoping to ship some books for him and his community to read. I'm hoping to get some book recommendations? He's in his early 20's and English is a second language to him. I thought maybe reading novels would help him improve his vocabulary and grammar. Any recommendations of books that are not too difficult to understand vocabulary-wise would be great. I thought maybe the Narnia books, through I suspect realistic books might be better than fantasy/magic themes. I think it's important the books be culturally relatable, because they live such a tough and impoverished life there, and I'm not sure they'd understand novels about "first world problems". Based-on-a-true-story might be good. My friend is Christian and they have a small church.

Thanks in advance for any helpful words!

Apart from the Bible?
There are some graphic novel versions of the Bible as well.

I've sent illustrated Bible stories, I think they are done by a christian publisher that I can't remember the name of and have illustrations of scenes in bible times. It came in a set and had stories about Jesus, Daniel, Paul etc. That would be good to send to a church, if its in a series then people will want to read more and it can be passed around members of the church.
I think it was by Selina Hastings.

Also 'The Story of the World' by Susan Wise Bauer is very good. Although they are meant for children, they are very good to read out loud and have basic vocabulary. I read them in my 20s and actually learned a lot more from it that from books meant for an adult audience.
It comes in a series.

I think they would be good for ESL students.
I have a recommendation.

I'm actually on the board an an organization that sends resources to Churches in Africa
and the Universities. It is mostly for clergy, but lay Christians who want to grow in discipleship
can benefit as well.

The resources are written by my father who is a retired United Methodist Pastor, here in the USA
but was born in Liberia and served in Liberia(West Africa) as a minister as well as a University Professor.
He obtained his PHD in theology from Dallas Seminary.

You can check out some of the resources here at the website. It is called PLRCA
or Partners for Leadership Resources for Churches in Africa.


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