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The key to any counseling is to revisit a situation in your mind (traumatic like in PTSD or other BUT this time you own it.............always do this in the shadow of Spirit of God. He will never leave or forsake you but remember; it will takes discipline......a discipline higher than yourself and a dedication to God as well as self-respect and respect of others.......even the pinheads. On this journey let God forgive you for 2 cents of being human out of the quarter He gives you every day. Do this or you could put too much pressure on yourself and go bonkers before journey ends.. .
Hi dh, Let us say that a bunch of us went out to eat at a new place to eat,when you received your plate to eat your food on,the plate was really dirty, would you eat the food then which was on your dirty plate? Most would not. I did not! Instead I got a hold of the owner who of course said he was sorry and asked us to come back on a different day. I asked him how a server could not see the plate was dirty to start with? Did she not care to even look?

Is that the kind of training you give your people? I of course forgive you, but the consequence for that, will be i will never come here again.( Col 3:25) The point! Depending on how the counseling went the first time,one may not wish to go back. What enters ones mind is how bad things went the first time there,so what would be the point unless one goes to a different place which would bring a better hope to someone is looking to reason with? If another person's mindset remains the same,then there really is no point at all to beat your head against a wall! LOL Time to me is precious and I do not waste my time, nor would I expect for another to waste there's! I will not throw darts at a board,there must be purpose and one must first believe a much better result will be able to become reasoned with. This may sound harsh to some,I understand,but I do not like going round and round with people.And i will not do it either.Like you said if one believes there is only pressure from starting this again, what is the point of hurting yourself through this again?? LOL