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Bone Box Of James .

I heard that the archeologist found a bone box , that had writing on the side that said , James brother of Jesus ! Did anyone else hear about this discovery ? Brother Mike
I would love for that to be true mike,there seem to be so many people who need to see something tangible for them to believe.The reality of the situation is that there is that many relics floating around(enough splinters from the cross to make dozens of trees etc)that your automatic response is one of mistrust.As christians who walk by faith "secular" discoveries only add to what we know to be already true.Anyone with any additional information on this would do well to share it though,it sounds interesting.
Staff Member
Too much nonsense that makes it difficult to trust anyone nowadays with such evidence. I don't rule it out of course. However, I want more Scripture search and for all reading this, read the Scientific Evidence forum part where it explains archeological finds that are Scripture related. You'll be blown away.
Just been trawling the internet for info on the above thread and im afraid its not good.In december of last year four guys in Isreal were arrested and charged with antiquity fraud.There was a number of items mentioned along side "the bones of james".Apparently they had a sophisticated laboratory where they made false inscriptions and had developed a process to make things older than they were.Rather than duping christians the whole affair seemed to be about making money.Sorry.
Thanks for all the great answeres . I wasn't sure , but I am glad at least now I have some idea . Brother Mike

John 20:29 Jesus said to him, "Thomas, because you have seen Me, you have believed. Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed."

All Praise The Ancient Of Days
well there is also that the names "James " and "Jesus " are both very common for the day ...........kinda like John Smith. This reminds me of a movie I watched with an unbelieving friend of mine . She is terrificaly excited about this "bloodline of the holy grail " anyone out there seen it ? Debbie
Hi. Yes I read it on the net. I also did recearch on the discovery of the true burial and crusifixion site, as well as the discovering of the red sea crossing and many many other Biblical things.