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Blues music

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I'm starting to dive into some blues and I'm looking for some suggestions. I'm liking the style of artist such as Micah Bournes, Swingin Hammers, The Silver Pages. Any more suggestions?
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@Anthony Kyle


you might like this song/music by Roy Buchanan, if you want blues
The Messiah Will Come Again

Just a smile, just a glance
The Prince of Darkness
He just walked past
There's been a lot of people
And they've had a lot to say
But this time, I'm gonna tell it my way

There was a town,
There was a strange little town, they called "The World"
It was a lonely, lonely little town
'Til one day a stranger appeared
And their hearts rejoiced
And the sad little town was happy again
But there was some that doubted
They disbelieved so they mocked him
And that stranger, he went away
Now the sad little town that was sad yesterday
It's a lot sadder today

I walked in a lot of places I never should have been
But I know that the Messiah, He will come again

Roy Buchanan

Bless you ....><>
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Not sure how blue you want to go...

this next one is from Cole Fonseca, it is a blues testimony of Cole's.

Below the Video is a snippet of Cole's life which may help understand the blues he plays. Please pray for Cole and his family. I haven't touched base with Cole for many moons but i still remember the day i was asked to pray for him. [this song is pretty deep for me, too]

Bless you ....><>


On December 16th 2005 three days past his birthday Cole, Rudy and Abel were playing at home in Visalia at a place called Visalia Brewing Co. Hardly anybody there just a few friends and a small gathering of musicians hanging out celebrating Cole's and Rudy's birthday which actually lands on the 16th of December watching Cole and the fellas tear it up. Little did everybody know that it would be the very last night Cole would play his white 56 Stratocaster.

Later that night Cole was riding as a passenger in a car with three other friends on their way home. The driver had decided to engage in reckless driving in an attempt to pull a drift around a curve at a chaotic speed over 100 M.P.H. He had lost control of the car and hit a couple of large boulders ejecting Cole out of the back window. The driver had suffered a fatality and the two other passengers suffered minor injuries. Cole severely injured with two broken legs and compound fractures, a shattered pelvis and a complete avulsion to the spine leaving him with paralysis to the left arm. Cole was so mangled the E.M.T.'s had to resuscitate him. Cole had spent almost three months in the hospital. It took a month to for the doctors to figure out what was in store for Cole. That he would have more scars than the average man, that he would never play guitar again. Cole sat in darkness for a year in depression watching his guitar collect dust. Wondering if he would ever be the same or if he would ever feel like a man ever again. Through a lot of support from friends, family and fellow musicians, Cole was trying to figure out how to play again.

The day his daughter was born on July 16th 2006 Cole knew he had to do something. "I thought one of these days she's going to be a young woman and ask me, 'Daddy why did you quit? How come you gave up?' That's a message I would never want to send her. To see me as a failure or to give up because of the obstacles life will throw at you? I'll die first."
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