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Blocked Goals

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by Neil Anderson
January 4


Ephesians 5:9
The fruit of the light consists in all goodness and righteousness and truth

One morning I rose early, had my devotions and started making a special breakfast for my family. I was stirring the muffin mix, singing and feeling great when my sleepy-eyed son, Karl, wandered into the kitchen. He grabbed a box of cereal and an empty bowl and headed for the table.

"Hey, Karl, just a second. We're not having cereal this morning. We're going to sit around the table together and have a big breakfast with muffins."

"I don't like muffins, Dad," he mumbled, opening the cereal box.

"Wait, Karl,: I insisted, starting to get annoyed. "We're going to sit around the table together and have a big breakfast with muffins."

"But I don't like muffins, Dad," he repeated.

I lost it . "Karl, we're going to sit around the table together and have a big breakfast with muffins!" I barked. Karl closed the cereal box, threw it in the cupboard, and stomped back to his room. My great idea had suddenly turned to shambles. I had to spend the next several minutes apologizing to Karl for my outburst.

Like me, I'm sure you have suffered your share of blocked goals. You had this great plan to do something wonderful for God, your church, your family, or a friend. Then your plan was thrown into disarray by hectic daily events over which you had no control. You didn't get your way at the board meeting. Your child decided to be the lead guitarist in a rock band instead of becoming a doctor like you planned.

When you base your life on the success of plans that are subject to people and circumstances, your life will be one long, emotional roller coaster ride. And the only way to get off the roller coaster is to walk by faith according to the truth of God's Word. Who you are must not be dependent on the cooperation of others or favorable circumstances. Decide to become the spouse, parent, leader or worker God wants you to be. No one can block that goal except you.


Heavenly Father, show me today where I have allowed people or circumstances, instead of You, to determine what You want me to be.
Unworthy Servant
Staff Member

although this was posted 11 years ago it is still valid today.

May my bringing it back into circulation be a blessing to some who read it.

@rizen1 if you see this, thank you and bless you ....><>
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