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Blessings and thanks

Thought I'd thank God for some super blessings in my life. Feel free to join
Family and friends especially cutie niece.
The roof over my head and my lovely duvet covers.
The food in my tum tonight- lovely italian pizza.
Simple things but so privileged - Thank you Jesus:love:
:love: Thank you Father for all the things given to me big and and small. :love:

Thank you for all the things You have showed me and taught me. :love:

:love: Thank you for letting me learn - knowing You are there to pick me up when I stumbled and fell. :love:

Thank you for holding my hand even though I was not always there :love:

:love: Thank you for always being there and never letting go - even when I did not care. :love:

Thank you Daddy for your endless love, mercy and grace. :love:

Thanks for being there 24/7 :love:

:love: Thanks for being the One that we can depend always depend on, that are never too busy to listen. :love:

Someone whom never will let us down. :love:

Thank you Father for making me whom I am. :love:

:love: Thank you Father just for making me.:love:

Thank you Father for letting me be your little girl :love:

Thank you Father for letting me know You CARE :love:

:love: I LOVE you Daddy and thanks for placing this love in my heart :love:
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