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Blessings and curses, still conditional, (DEUT 26:1-29:9)

PARASHA "KI TAVO" (when you come in)

DEUT 26:1-29:9.....................ISAIAH 60:1-22.......................JOHN 113:1-15:27

In this Parasha study, we see that Moshe is "again" reminding Israel to be "faithful" in "obedience" to the commandments. He does not tire in telling the people all the "pros" and "against" , the "positive side" and the "negative side" of "obedience and disobedience"

We can also relate this to a father who dearly loves his children, and warns them of disobedience, and the results of such, but also reminds them of the rewards that come with obedience. Now, who wouldn't want blessings instead of curses. We could say that only someone insane would say "I would rather have the curses instead of blessings"
or "I would prefer drought instead of rain" or "I would rather run from my enemies"
But the way Israel acted after the death of Moshe, shows exactly that! through influence of ungodly nations, Israel turned away from Elohim, from following HIS commandments.

We can also imagine a husband who marries a wife and loves her, and shows her the right way to walk, and how that they can have a wonderful life together, "stay with me" he tells her, "don't go after other men, they will just bring you down and ruin our relationship" the bride says "Yes, I will love only you" yet no sooner are they married, that the wife does exactly the opposite, the husband has no choice but to punish the wife, yet he still loves her, and wants her to come back to him. So God is with ALL his people, both native born Israelites, Israel that lives in other nations, those who have joined the commonwealth of Israel, through a "born again" relationship with "Yeshua" which is the goal of "ALL" of Israel (or should be) the wish that the Father bestows upon ALL "B'ei Adam" (children of Adam)

Moshe reminds his people about the tithes. This is very important, ALL things belong to YHVH, HE is owner of ALL. He made the world and everything in it, He allows US to use HIS things, and all HE wants back is 10%. Not much. Here Moshe mentions tithes of the agricultural increase, since that and cattle were the income in those days for Israel. We on the other hand, work and receive money, but also, doesn't our TIME belong to him? Does HE not give us TALENT through the Spiritual gifts? as well as material things? So, should our time and talent also be tithed to YHVH? I would say yes.

On "Har Gerizim" and on "Har Ebal" were announced the blessings and curses, so that when the people looked upon those mountains, they would be reminded of them, Kind of like when a child looks at a fishing rod and reel, he might be reminded that "Pop takes me fishing when I am good, and do my chores" but also, hanging next to the rod and reel, hangs a thick leather belt, which reminds the child that "Pop will give me a good whippin if I misbehave and neglect my chores"

"Cursed is the one who makes the blind to wander off the road"( 27:18)

Yes, it would be cruel to misguide a blind person, but worse if the person is spiritually blind and we do nothing to correct the errors and lead them in the Yeshua's way, in the way of Torah. So many erroneous doctrines floating around, making those who want to see straight, see crooked, get off the path, we need to set them on the right path again, not by force, but by love.

Even though YHVH has sent his people out of the land, into other nations, the people are returning to the land, the land is being blessed, Adonai has NOT forgotten HIS people, just as a father can not forget his son, The curses happened just as the LORD said they would, but Israel is still Israel, he promised they would be like the "dust of the earth" and like the "stars of heaven" The dust is TRAMPLED UPON, like the Jewish people have been, throughout the ages, yet dust CAN NOT BE DESTROYED, neither can "HaAm Yehudi"
The stars shine, just like the "Living Torah" was given to Israel as a gift to them and to the nations, to point the way to Elohim, the living Torah is spelled Y-E-S-H-U-A (the out-
stretched arm of the LORD that received the nail, the all consuming fire that was seen by all) the SALVATION of YHVH.

But......it is always "IF" ye obey the voice of the LORD thy God.......THEN...blessings will follow, and "IF" you chose NOT to obey.......THEN...curses will follow, it is still this way, still conditional. "IF" you chose to repent and accept Yeshua/Jesus as LORD and Savior, THEN you will be saved, "IF" you chose to ignore and reject the free gift of Salvation (Yeshuah) from God, THEN....condemnation for all eternity will follow, strong words, but the truth.
____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ________________
ISAIAH 60:1-22

The Ruach HaKodesh speaks through Yeshayahu saying "Arise, Shine, for our LIGHT has come" ...,.... "darkness shall cover the earth".........".The Gentiles will come to your LIGHT"
Great symbolism here. the LIGHT is YESHUA! even though spiritual darkness covers the earth, making people insensitive to the Torah of YHVH, many having an "I don't care about God nor religion" attitude, still many are receiving Yeshua and being "born again" the original meaning of the word "Gentile" (Goy) was "heathen, idol worshipping nations" now many who before worshiped idols, many who were part of pagan cults and religions, are turning to "Ha Or Elohim v'Or HaOlam" (the Light of God and the Light of the World.
The Gematria for OR (light) is 207, 2 (covenant) 0 (eternity) since a "zero" has no beginning nor end, 7 (perfection) the eternal covenant of perfection. Added horizontally 2+0+7 = 9
9 is reminds us of EMET,(441) 4+4+1=9 which is TRUTH, describes who Yeshua is.
____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ___________________

JOHN 13:1-15:27

"Ani ha derecho, ha emet, v'ha Chai" (I AM the Way, the Truth, and the Life) three of the many titles of Yeshua, who also said "I AM the LIGHT of the world" IF we follow the LIGHT we will stay on the path, which is the WAY, and know the TRUTH which gives us eternal LIFE. but always the conditional "IF" . We ALL have a choice, what will YOU choose? better yet, WHO will you choose?

Shabbat Shalom........rabbi Ben Avraham
"But the tongue can no man tame; it is an unruly evil, full of deadly poison. Therewith bless we God, even the Father; and therewith curse we men, which are made after the similitude of God. Out of the same mouth proceedeth blessing and cursing. My brethren, these things ought not so to be." (James 3:8-10)

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