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Big Ticket Winner ?

Allot of guys were I work like to all chip in and try to win the big lottery . They always ask me to join in and I say no . They ask , because you are a Christian ? And I always say , no because if we ever hit the 100,000,000 .00$
lottery , I think the temptation put on the one guy holding the winning ticket would overtake them , and they would run off with all the money ! What do you think would happen ? Brother Mike :confused:
You are sooo right Jiggy ! I think money would bring out the worst in the person with the ticket . Mike
Staff Member
If someone asked me why I wouldn't gamble even a single $1, I say yes because I am a Christian and because I'd rather bleed and sweat my work to earn my money than to earn it from the devil tempting me.

its funny that there is a lottery thread my hubby and I where just talking about the lottery on Wensday. He was teasing of course about wanting to play the lottery and I was telling him why we shouldn't. It was actually a good way to practise telling people why we don't.
i will waste a $1 every now and then on a scratch and win just for kicks.. its when it becomes your master is when it becomes a sin... and personally if i ever won $10,000,000 i would end up giving it away to those that need help.. what am i gonna do with all that $$$?
You ever noticed the times in your life you may have come into money you just find different thing to spend it on?Best to do as jesus did and keep your eye simple.Saying that a couple of grand would be nice to visit Graceland.
We shouldn't play lottery games. Not only because of the money, but also because usually people asociate this games with good luck. And , there's no such thing as good luck or bad luck.
If we are trusting in "luck" to win money then we aren't trusting God. HE is our source- not our job or husband , the government, etc,

"But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus" Phil. 4:19