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Big problem help please?

i sang @ Benny Hinn feb 24th & 25th. All together i sang about 6 hours + the services ( the two nights) . I think i should have gotten over the aftermath. + my mom sang in the choir too. & her voice is fine . I can't even sing i tried it a little bit ago. I can't even sing in my range! I can't even talk! thats how bad it is! I don't know what to do? or do you think the devil caused it for some reason?

How can i worship when my voice is dead & can't even talk!?!
I am Prayiing for you

Sorry to hear about your problem, try drinking herbal tea with a little lemon i heard that helps. If you dont improve you may want to seek medical attention. I hope it is nothing and i will pray for you! Papa :thumbs_up
Take it easy, have a rest. Don't force yourself but to do what you see fits to do. You'll be alright.
Other Ways to Worship

Im sorry about your voice, But there are other ways to worship than singing. I sometimes just put on a cd and pray. and you dont have to sing out loud, put your hands up, close your eyes, and lip sink. you might be right, the devil might have done that, or he might not have. you should just know there's other ways to Praise and Worship than just singing!:thumbs_up
and remember, "After every storm, there's a Rainbow!"

Hope i Helped!!!

In Him ><>

* Emily *
When things are looking down...
Look up!!! ^

Now my voice is fine & i'm able to sing again.
I have a question for yo'll : how do you know if your voice is changing?
I guess it depends what you mean by 'changing'.

I actually had to re-learn how to sing a couple of years ago after a confertence I sang @. It was terrible, for about 3 months I couldn't even hold a tune.... Prayer and persistance paid off and I got through and learned a lot of things about my voice in the process...

As for a voice 'changing', I would expect that with training/practice etc your voice would improve, and in many cases you will find a completely new range you never could reach before.. *shrug* but I guess it all depends on what you mean.