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(Bidah) fallacious Tactic!! Apply Your Own Terms To Concepts To Win Argument!!

People theres this new innovation called bidah, its an islamic term where if muslims
Don’t know an answer to a certain question, or are not knowledgeable in a certain thing they will simply just make stuff up as they go along witch is also called takiyah!!

This phenomenon is not only spread throughout islam but it has also spread to the masses and has now permeated throughout society. This kind of innovation, a fallacious twisting of concepts where people will miss characterise things, take a term and then and their own label to it to appease themselves, it’s a make shift paradigm where they will make up there own peripherals of what things actually mean rather then sticking to true linguistics.

This kind of (lable it your way mentality) has gained popularity and is spreading fast. And this is dangerous people because people will then begin to make up their own paradigm as to what things actually mean then anything’s fare game then they can just say their right in an argument which then can turn into a type of circular argument.

This is a deceptive tongue that has come straight from the satanic kingdom. This is straight from deceiving spirits. The enemy has been busy!! Just something that I’ve discerned lately and just fort I’d mention it.