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Bible Versions

Staff Member
Bible Versions - October 29, 2005

A young girl states, "I tried reading the Bible, but I just don't understand it!"

This teen is not alone. In fact, the first time I read the Bible, I had a hard time as well.

As a much younger person, a friend suggested that each time I pick up the Bible, I pray first. He told me, "Ask God for wisdom, knowledge and understanding so that His word may become a living reality in your life." My own suggestion is to begin with a version of the Bible you are comfortable with.

All Christian Bibles extol the same message, but depending upon what version you use, the wording may be a little different, although the basic sentiment remains unchanged. For example, an Old English version may state, "I thirst." Yet, another version may declare, "I am thirsty!" Still another version may state, "I need something to drink!"

Some people believe there is only one version of the Bible to use, but in my opinion, if a particular version better assists you in coming to and knowing the Lord, then go for it! Besides, our faith is not from a book, but exists within the living word of God which is impressed upon our heart.

Won't you open your heart and mind to your creator today?

Contributed by Melanie Schurr

A Point well made Chad. This needs to be said over and over again as so many close minded, self righteous people come here to TJ to say that the only Bible to read is the KJV and all others are evil. Good back up with the Word Glory to God.

Well said Chad.

After I came to the Lord, I started to read the Bible quite a bit. The lady who witnessed to me suggested that I read The Living Bible. It was written in plain English and was easier for me to read. Being French speaking living in and English speaking environment, I had a hard time with the "Thou and Thy" version. Over the years, I read other verions and found them all refreshing.
I now have, New International Version, King James Version, New King James Version, New Living Bible, French translation (Louis Second), The Amplified Bible (New Testament), and The New American Standard Bible (New Testament).

You know what? The Lord speaks to me in everyone of them.

Have a great day!