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Bible Verses

Staff Member
New Module installed:
vrBible Filter

What does it do?

It will turn a Bible verse like this: Book Chapter:Verse(s)
...into a link to Bible Gateway like this: Ezekiel 1:5

Link to a different version than the default New King James Version

When posting, simply add the translation AFTER the reference.

For example:

Book Chapter:Verse KJV will result in "Genesis 2:7 KJV"

Also, you can add parenthesis and it will still work. For example:

Book Chapter:Verse (ESV) will result in "Genesis 2:7 (ESV)"
Awesome feature, Chad! Thank you for the work that you so obviously put into the site. It is a blessing...PRAISE GOD!

In His Love
Staff Member
This has been disabled. The links/underlines were becoming too messy.
Hey...you're still doing an awesome job! I just now took advantage of the cool avatar and signature options...right on!

Praise the Lord for this site!