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Bible porgram at the top of page

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Eric E Stahl, Aug 31, 2013.

  1. I can't access the Bible program anymore. Can anyone else use it?
  2. Works fine here brother. Have you tried another browser?
  3. I could use it but something changed and now I can't.
  4. It works here. Have you tried another browser?
  5. When I clicked on it I got a message saying:

    Community Notice, Do not have access to this page
    I use Internet Explorer
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    Greetings @Eric E Stahl and @amadeus2

    I had similar problems when I used internet explorer (with a number of features)

    Once I changed to google chrome everything worked absolutely fine.
    Also Opera worked well

    Hope that helps :smiley:
  7. Yea works fine here on iOS safari and mercury browsers (desktop vie)

    As for mobile site I use an integrated version from another source.
  8. I can confirm that it does not work with Firefox.
    It says
    [h=2]Community Notice[/h] Sorry, Do not have access to the page

    Confirmed working on the same computer with Chrome.
  9. This is odd. I still cannot replicate this issue on the desktop.

    I tried IE11 and Chrome, both work fine. Firefox works fine also.

    iOS browsers work fine (when switching to desktop mode too).

    Just a note, I was able to view it even as guest, not logged in.
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    It says I do not have permission.

    But it does work if I don't sign in.
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  12. Thank you Chad and Bingo!!!!!
  13. Thank you Chad. This old fellow has trouble with any computer problems. If I don't already know how, it is hard to learn. If I do already know how, but don't use the knowledge regularly, I will soon lose it. Does this relate to the things of God? Perhaps it does.

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