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  • Hi Guest!

    I've added a brand new "Night Mode" option to our site design. I'd greatly appreciate your vote on this poll here.

    To switch to night mode (or back to light/default theme) simply click on the "Site Menu" icon on top and on the dropdown choose "Switch to Night Mode" or "Switch to Light Mode"

    Thank you.

Bible porgram at the top of page

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Staff member
Greetings @Eric E Stahl and @amadeus2

I had similar problems when I used internet explorer (with a number of features)

Once I changed to google chrome everything worked absolutely fine.
Also Opera worked well

Hope that helps :smiley:
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Staff member
Yea works fine here on iOS safari and mercury browsers (desktop vie)

As for mobile site I use an integrated version from another source.
New Member
I can confirm that it does not work with Firefox.
It says
[h=2]Community Notice[/h] Sorry, Do not have access to the page

Confirmed working on the same computer with Chrome.
Staff member
This is odd. I still cannot replicate this issue on the desktop.

I tried IE11 and Chrome, both work fine. Firefox works fine also.

iOS browsers work fine (when switching to desktop mode too).

Just a note, I was able to view it even as guest, not logged in.
Loyal Member
Thank you Chad. This old fellow has trouble with any computer problems. If I don't already know how, it is hard to learn. If I do already know how, but don't use the knowledge regularly, I will soon lose it. Does this relate to the things of God? Perhaps it does.