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bible code!!!!!!!!

well okay i dont really think this belongs in here..but i really didnt know where to put it in....so i just thought i´ll put it in here.....
okay now i have been wondering bout this the hole day.....okay not all day but since noon....hehe..
on tv they had a report on the bible code...and hmmm i thought its kinda weird...
and i dont know if its reallly true......they had a few examples that its true but they couldnt really prove that its right!!!
okay my question is....
do ya think that its true...i mean so ya think that the bible code could really like be some kinda hint from god for the future????????????

god bless
Kara while I believe completely the bible I do not believe in a man made way of "finding messages" Just my opinion Joyfully ~ Jlu
i agree with you Jesuslovesyou man always tries to make things more complicate dhtan it is and then they say being a christian is soooooooooooo hard. just my 2 cents.
have a cool day, vlooi :shade:
p.s. hi kara hope to see you again!
are you reffering to the

Da Vinci Code book??

it was not written by a Christian so yeah i dunno

but finding codes and messages from the bible. i recon it coudl be possible but then i am not sure.. take Moses for an examplehe was just soem Guy to start wiyth that God turned into a Messenger. but yes i dont wuit understand what you askign sorry

Love Simon!!!

If you are talking about the "messages" found when they take a number, like 12 and place all the letters of a verse in lines of 12 and then do a word search like a kids puzzle, then also know that they did that to several other books and got the same results.

Some book like "Catcher in the Rye" had a "message" like...


"Reveling" to us the the Bush v Gore election would go to the courts.

I don't think so. It's just coincidence. You have to ask yourself would God "hide" the truth from us? Would he create a "code" that wouldn't be deciphered until 2000 years after sending his son to die on the cross? He sends his son to be nailed to the cross and his clothing gambled for, and spat upon. (extremely direct) And then puts 'code' into his word. Knowledge that he wants us to have, but only if we can 'decode' his book? (extremely INdirect) It just doesn't make a whole lot of sense. The Lord uses simple things to confound the wise, not complicated mathematical codes to convey hidden messages. Just my 2 cents.

God bless,
i also agree with you nigh that is true why would the Lord expect us to go and look for codes int he bible (again just my 2 cents)

God loves you,
yeah i agree with you Vlooi!! LOL just chuckign in Two Cent's... but i didnt know about that book that the Bush and Gore election woudl go to the court. i never herd of it before!!! LOL

Love Simon!!!
This is what i believe, the Bible is written by the Holy Spirit. God straight out wrote what was gonna happen. you can't read behind the lines and stuff. it's just written straight out. and people do make it more complicated. we have the Holy Spirit to help us understand we just gotta learn to listen. well God bless you, bye bye
ok well thi sis my 3 cents... I think that the bible has deeper meanings such as Gods words are not only one layered you also have lots of revelations not yet fullly understood but no code. Why would God put a code in there? He would ratha send a prophet to tell al or even angels but no hidden message. Once i met a guy who told me the whole story of the bible was a hidden message to have lots of sex and populate the earth. I was astonished how he could say that. He had bible verses he had changed and picked out. Gods word is the truth in full we dont tamper with it.


I don't think there is such thing as a bible code. I think the bible is just straight forward the Word of God and that it. GBU
The bible is all you need.

Give all your other books to charity and never buy another.

Unless its another Bible of course. :thumbs_up
well thats a funny idea.....like it...hehe
but yeah i wont give away all my books..just to think bout it i dont really have that many...

and to everyone else...thanks heaps for your answers.....
they are all helpful..

god bless