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Bezaleel is chosen!

In Exodus 31 The L-rd chooses Bezaleel, to make all the furnishings the Ark and the Mishkan (Tabernacle) According to Jewish tradition, Bezaleel was only 13 years old when this happened (Chumash-Torah pg. 489) It this is indeed true, then this means that God can use anyone, at the age that he chooses to acomplish his will.
Many people think, "I am too old to serve the LORD" or "He's too young" But look at Moses, he was 80 years old when he began his ministry, and finished when he was 120.
And back to Bezaleel, look at this comparason, G-d created the heavens and the earth in 6 days, the earth being man's dwelling place. And Bezaleel was fillled with the wisdom of G-d to construct HIS dwelling place among B'nei Israel (The children of Israel) So, God made man's dwelling place and Bezaleel made God"s dwelling place, the Mishkan, and G-d talked to Moses from between the two Cherubim on Ha Aron (The Ark)
We can really praise God today that he doesn't just speak to one person from a golden box in a tent, and that we have free access to him through Yeshua, our mediator, who was the Holy and sacrificial lamb,
So, when we speak to him through prayer, ask him to use us in ministry in a very special way, don't worry about your age, if Moses was still running around at 120, and Joshua was fighting with a sword and shield, leading the way into Ca'anan at 80, imagine what we can do.

Jimmie: calvary38@yahoo.com
Beth Yeshua Messianic Jewish Synagogue
Houston, Texas