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beyond the hillside

beyond the hillside
what i see
is deer prancing
with glee
beyond the hillside
what i hear
is birds chirping
a gratefull melody

beyond the hillside
i can feel
sand between my toes
thats what i chose
beyond the hillside
i can taste
ripe apples
that are so sweet

beyond the hillside
u will see me and everyone
dancing gracefully
because we have
the love of the lord in our hearts
he fills us up till we overflow
and we worship and bow down to him

beyond the hillside
we will never stop dancing
with glee

by sokerbean i u want a copy let me know okidokey ok :love: :present: :shade:
i like it. liek ALOT, but when i first read it i kinda thought. does that mean that to get to God we kinda gotta get over a hill or somethign. liek as in he is hard to get to is liek what it ceems to be but still i LOVED it. thank for Sharing it...

Love Simon!!!

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