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Between the Highs and Lows

Staff Member
When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom. Proverbs 11:2

On this date (22) in 1980, the upstart United States upset the mighty Soviet Union in Olympic hockey. The “Miracle on Ice” became the slap shot heard ‘round the world, as a bunch of plucky college kids beat a Russian Army machine made of men paid to destroy their opponents. Even decades later, Soviet team members lived in a state of general denial about that day. It was simply unimaginable—reminiscent of another historical upset, when a shepherd boy laid low a giant warrior in the valley of Elah.

If Goliath had survived, he would never have lived his defeat down. As his people’s champion, the thought of losing to an enemy runt just wouldn’t have registered on any level but that of a fading nightmare. The blame wouldn’t have been a matter of pure vanity as much as bone-deep complacency. What had no doubt begun as a military career of overwhelming might and success had become a legacy of laziness—susceptible to being shattered by a Hebrew “stick” and his deadly stone.

The lesson is simple: don’t let yourself get too comfortable. Life is both mountains and valleys because God knows that’s what you need to become the person He wants you to be. God won’t abandon you in the lows, but don’t forget Him during the highs. Being faithful in between is what defines you as His.