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Between God, Me And The Devil

why does everything i think i'm doing rite turn out wrong i mean i try to live rite but no i cant seem to nothing rite i get soooo angery at God cause of the stupid things that i allowed myself to get in?..which i dont blame nobody but myself and myself alone...i mean i'm 26 years old male..no wife...no girlfriend...i dont have a job i've asked this several times every day why can't i get a job...or help me get a vehicle so i can get back and fourth...but no response...i mean i dunno...perhaps i know God hates me and i know that i can't forgive myself on things i've done...i an't no outlaw or something of that nature just little things that ive done that are rather stupid and whatnot...i just dont understand why am i being punished for it...ive asked forgiveness but perhaps its not heartful and purity i dunno but i thought God would forgive and forget about it...i dunno...

Staff Member
Hello banjo. Let's get some things straight.

1. God does NOT hate you. That is a fact 100% all over the Bible
2. God DOES forgive you if you *repent* and are *sincere* in asking for your forgivenes.
3. God is *never* to blame for anything. We take full responsilbity for our actions.
4. If you feel like you are getting punished, perhaps you should consider the fact that you are just facing your consequences for your actions. It does not mean God did not forgive you.

If you steal and get arrested, sentenced to 3 yrs let us say, you ask GOD for forgiveness - do you expect out of jail? No way. You still serve your punishment. God will forgive you but it does not mean that you won't necesarrily face your own consequences.

God loves us so much. Don't forget our Lord Jesus Christ on the Cross.

1. Pray as much as you can in Jesus' name
2. Read the Bible as much as you can
3. Affiliate your self around Godly people as much as you can
4. Go to church for services and bible studies as much as you can.
Mr. Chad i didn't say God was the blame of what i did and whatnot...ahh whats the use even trying to talk to people on-line when all i'm gonna get is smart aleck remarks and whatno...sorry i ever posted this i'll delete my profile and never return
Staff Member
Banjo said:
Mr. Chad i didn't say God was the blame of what i did and whatnot...ahh whats the use even trying to talk to people on-line when all i'm gonna get is smart aleck remarks and whatno...sorry i ever posted this i'll delete my profile and never return
You have a problem in understanding the difference between communicating online and fact to face. Online can be "confusing" so to speak in how you perceive the speaker's tone in text. I was not assuming you were blaming GOD. I was only clarifying that GOD is never to blame.

I forgive you lol :)
Mr. Chad your a very unfriendly person wasn't no sense you jumped on me like you did i think your a very stuck-up person and not friendly i didnt come here to cause trouble and whatnot...so after this reply i'm gonna go and delete my username and not return i thought this was a site where people didn't judge people but i reckon i was wrong...i never once said I blamed God if you had read what i said i stated that i am to blame not God...but as i said your not friendly and surely a stuck-up person...
You are understood

Banjo, Please don't leave this group. I understand what you are saying. I also understand what Chad is trying to tell you. First off, Jesus does Love you unconditionally. Ask the Lord to help you to forgive yourself, and to make good Godly decisions. continue to BELIEVE that what you are praying for will come to pass. Sometimes God answers prayers with a "yes" right away, sometimes the answer may be "wait, not right now", or the answer may be "NO". The Lord alway's knows what is best for us. We think we know what we want and what is best for us. However, the Lord knows what we need and what is really best. When we "choose" to do something, or "say" something that we know is wrong, we will face the concequences of our actions. God gave us "Freewill" which means that He will not "Make us do the things He wants us to do, or Stop us from diong the thing He doesn't want us to do." He allows us to do those things so we can learn from our mistakes. As for not having a girlfriend, maybe God wants you to focus on Him as well as other issues in your life, learning how to live a Godly Life, controling your anger, learning to make right decisions, etc. That way you will be prepared on how to have a wonderful relationship with the woman that God wants you to be with for the rest of your life. Cheer up, THINK POSITIVE, get rid of ALL of the negative things in life. If you have friends who put you down for not doing what they want, Find new ones. Join a Godly, Spirit Filled Church, get involved in a christion atmosphere. Listen to christian music. You can do it, I know you can, because......He who lives in you is BIGGER than he who lives in this world....Amen God Bless you sweetie!!!!
Wow Banjo...I am so surprised by your hostility towards Chad. I read your post twice and also Chad's caring, and insightful response to your confusion. I do not see Chad at all being "stuck up" but he is giving you facts about Christ. He has not judged you at all nor attacked you. Please slow down, you sound angry at the world around you. I too went through some very difficult waters as a Christian, feeling alone and angry because I did not understand why I was in the circumstances I was in. I felt as if God abandon me. But that was when He had to carry me because I was too weak, I chose to blame others around me and became hostile. My life sucked big time. I chose to focus my life on Him and not on myself and my issues. When I did that my life began to turn around. God lead me to my now profession working with emtionally distraught young people, but I had to take some lumps to get where I am now. I am also very happily married to a wonderful man. It had to be in His timing and not mine.
So Banjo, look over this forum, read what people are saying. We are not here to judge you or anyone else for that matter. Chad developed this site to help Christian's grow and to strength their faith. Don't give up.
Staff Member
Obviously banjo has a serious problem and giving judgements against people is one of them. Twice you lashed out at me for no reason whatsoever and even AFTER my kind explanation to you after your first insult. I have a feeling you are either in need of help or possible a fraud sent by the trouble maker from another forum whom I had a problem with for spamming my site and would not stop harassing me. No big deal. I know what I must do either way because God leads me in the right path...path to righteiousness.

You can call me stuck up or whatever you'd like, it means nothing to me. GOD is my judge not you. So keep your tone where it should be and open your eyes next time you read something. You may see more clearly.
Mr. Chad i dont know you from adam i just got on this site cause i thought i could get some straight answers but apparently your the one whos got a problem i dont make trouble or cause any...so do whatever you want...call me names as you just did such as calling me a fraud...i ant got no reason to lie on this site...the heck with this site...i'm leaving...im deleteing this site as of now..stuck-up fellow and your not friendly a'tall
Staff Member
Goodbye. You obviously have problems reading clearly, 3 times in a row and insulting me 3 times in a row, and judging me falsely 3 times in a row. Strike out. Goodbye.
Hi! I just wanted to say that no man is perfect, and God knows that no man is perfect, the only thing one can do is their best to live right, and God will honour that. It is natural to feel that way, like, what ever you do that is right you feel like your doing wrong...even Paul, amight man used of God, felt that way Romans 7:21 I find then a law, that, when I would do good, evil is present with me.
Don't call your self stupid, the first thing to do is tell yourself "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me," and " If God is For me who can Be against me". The thing is you have to win the battle in your mind first, and once you have won the battle in your mind, you have already won half the battle.
God does not hate you, he loves you so much that he came down to this earth to die for your sins...he also love you so much that he has your name printed in the palm of his hand, not only that, but his thoughts towards you can not be numbered....Ps40:5 and thy thoughts which are to us-ward: they cannot be reckoned up in order unto thee: if I would declare and speak of them, they are more than can be numbered. Ps40:17 But I am poor and needy; yet the Lord thinketh upon me: thou art my help and my deliverer; make no tarrying, O my God. Jer29:11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.

God has already forgiven you, the thing is you need to forgive youself. It takes time, Gods answers in his own timeing, and not the timeing of men. Remember Job....God took all Job had his family his wealth and everything, but job remained faithfull eventhough his Wife told him to curse God and die, Job did not....and God honoured that, God saw Job's love and faithfulness and doubled all he had.....
Stay faithful with all you have and God will honor that...you will go through trails and tribulations , but as Paul says ..." I press toward the mark of the high calling of GOD".
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