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Bethany Dillon

Formerly Adiaglow
I was on [edited by Yeshua no LINKS are to be posted without Chad's permission], and found an artist that I am really intrigued by. Her name is Bethany Dillon, and I've heard a couple of her songs on the radio, right? Well, I went to her website, and listened to the media player on there, and I cannot stop listening! She has a journal she writes to her fans in on there, and MAN, did God speak thru her to me. She's very young, but also very mature in the Lord. She's so humble & isn't afraid to tell you how she falls. (it's always followed by a praise for the Lord for picking her up). I plan to buy her album today, & she has a new album coming out in August, and I will be in line for it! I just wanted to share what her music & words are doing, so you can check her out! Her website is: [edited by Yeshua no LINKS are to be posted without Chad's permission]

Many blessings!

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