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Best thing about being young?

o wow now thats hard...hehe
i dont really know...mybe that i can go out with my friends and dont have to find a baby sitter for my kids (dont have any!!!) or somethin like that...
that i dont have to pay any bills and dont have to really worry bout any finacial things..
but yeah i dont know...
i think every age has its good and bad sides...

god bless
mmmmmm....... the best thing about being a child to me is, that i dont have even half the worries that adults do and like kara correctly said , you dont have to look for a baby-sitter and as Tim also said, that you arent old...lol.
Also i like being young, from where i come (South Africa) the young people actually made the change in our country..... so knowing that i can make a change is good.
God bless
i dunno what world you live in but i can show ya staks of kids IN the western world who do have stress and responsibility 12, 13, 14 who worked on the streets along side of me yeah? it aint just in the poor countrys that kids have a battle to suvive.

I agree with Tim the best thing about being young is that ur not old LOL i like that!
For me the best thing about being young is not just "being young". I mean before I really knew God, or invited him in my life, I hated being young.Ofcourse there is always having fun with freinds and stuff, but still you come home and ask, what am I doing on earth?Besides, being young is not always about having fun. I mean I didn't have responsibilities or whatever and still I was just not care free even though I tried to be. It is very confusing to be a teen and be with out God. It sucked actually.
So, for me the best thing about my youth is that I am with God. I am Glad that I didn't wait to be 40 or at the verge of my death to know God.
The coolest thing about being young is having God in your life.
God bless
Jesus's always
your tickets are always cheaper then the adults!!
it's easier to get out of trouble *puts on innocent look* - can't see a 20yr old pulling that one off!
oh yeah, we don't have to use anti wrinkle cream !! hahahaha

God Bless you guys!

"Let no one despise your youth, but be an example to the believers in word, in conduct, in love, in spirit, in faith, in purity." 1Timothy 4:12

i am now on my 25yrs of age, not anymore a teen, but still young for me.
i am involve in youth ministry here in our church, we go on medical missions, youth camp, involved goverment projects, crusades and more...all of these became possible through the help of my parents (of course, money)...
but all im trying to say is that our strength(health), commitment and our being responsible (even sometimes we're not), are the best things about being young.

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The best thing about being young is that we can make mistakes and learn from them. It's important so we don't make huge mistakes as adults where a mistake can mean more.
What i believe the best thing about being young is we don't take things too seriously. We can act like total goofballs and not think a thing about it. I think that is whats fun about being young. Sometimes we act like total weirdos, but we have loads of fun doing that.