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Believing God for a career

Discussion in 'Prayer Request' started by Choclate, Jul 6, 2017.

  1. Good morning all and God bless. First I would like to give God the praise because He is truly worthy to be praised even in the midst of this storm I am facing. I have never seen a storm that didn't pass over so I am trusting, believing and standing on God's word for a few things and I will not be moved. But before I ask God for anything I just want to give Him thanks for the things He was done, is doing and will do. Thank You God for bringing through in the past so I know that You have the power to do it again. Thank You God for who You are.

    I am asking for you all to intercede on my behalf for these things. First I am seeking God and believing that he deliver to me one of the positions that I applied for with the city of Racine, Wisconsin. One is a clerk typist and the other is a customer service representative. Second I am praying that these health issues that I am facing be turned around. By His stripes I am fully and totally healed. Lastly, I am in constant prayer for a new vehicle so that I can continue to get back and forth to work in. There have been big challenges blocking my way for this, But, my God is bigger than them all. I speak to all these mountains and command them to move right now in the mighty name of Jesus. Thank you all for praying an intercessory prayer for me in these matters. I know that when there is much prayer there is much power. I decree and declare it done. I refuse to wait until I can see it, I thank You God because I know you are a provider and that it is already done. Thank you Father God!!!
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  2. @Choclate

    I am praying for you in your situation.
  3. Lord you know in advance the path choclate is to take, please make it straight and be with choclate all the way, bless choclates ministry in the new situation to bring light into the dark places and make a difference in Jesus name, amen!
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