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Belief is Freedom - Freedom is Belief

If Jesus is the Son of Man AND the Son of God, what does that mean??

Could it be that God sent an embodiment of His divine personality to represent His true character? To teach His creatures of the flesh the values that carry meaning in eternity? Jesus taught that love is THE supreme ideal, and should come first in all of our endeavors. He lived a full life in the flesh from birth to death even as we do, but with an unwavering commitment to Will of God. We all share the same connection to God as Jesus did in the matters of our heart, for God IS love. Jesus taught us that faith in love would unlock the gates to the Kingdom of Heaven, reminding us that the Kingdom of God is not of this world; but by living in love we are already saved from the bonds of death! Jesus showed us that God is no respecter of persons, but instead loves us all equally and expects the same from His creatures. Is it so difficult to understand that true-religion exists in our personal connection to God through the affairs of our hearts? Or that true-worship is the willingness to serve the Brotherhood of Mankind in love and gratitude to build unity? What barriers can separate us if we believe these simple truths! We worship God by lying down our differences to embrace a unified vision of peace on earth and goodwill to all mankind. Jesus of Nazareth selected the title, "Son of Man" on His own accord, which I believe demonstrates the objective He set out to accomplish by living a life in the flesh. As the Son of Man, born of woman, He showed us that we can live our lives together WITH God through the power of love. In 1 Corinthians chapter 13 the bible tells us that without love we are NOTHING! Who can argue that their religion is more accurate than a personal relationship with God through the power of love? Who can say that their tradition of worship is more liberating than those who practice love? Who can disqualify Jesus as the Son of Man OR the Son of God who understands the message He came to earth to preach, the 'good-news' of the coming Kingdom for those who BELIEVE His teachings of love?? The Kingdom of God cannot exist on earth until it fills the hearts of believers to overflowing, and these same believers spread the Love of God to all four corners of the earth.

If you believe that love conquers all things evil then you believe in God, for God IS love. If you believe that Jesus taught us HOW to love then you believe that Jesus is God manifest; who even now still lives by the Spirit of Truth in the hearts of believers. And if you believe the words of Jesus Christ Himself, that we are ALL His brothers and sisters in faith of our own salvation, then you also believe that you are a son or daughter of God even as He is. As sons and daughters of God our purpose is simple--spread the good-news of salvation through and by the power of love..

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