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Being Judged

If we confess our sins, and God forgives us for them and doesnt remember them, how can we be judged over them later?
The bible teaches the righteous will not be judged. Once we proclaim Jesus as our saviour and live our lives in harmony with Gods word as best we can. We are saved and have a glorious eternal future waiting for us.
Dont we get judged twice tho? once for getting in, and the other for when/if we get in, and our good works, or whatver get judged?

All must come before the judgement seat of Christ. The difference is that those who are in Christ Jesus, when they come to the seat of judgement their names will be found in the lambs book of life and their sins will not be counted as like you said God has forgotten them.
Read Revelation 20:11-15; John 10:27-30; Matthew 25:31-40(and for those not in Christ read Matthew 25:41-46; Revelation 20:15)

I hope this helps you.

Peace be with you,
You're right, Reba and so is jjkirk.
So we are judged twice. Because we are saved by grace through faith, we will enter heaven. For the judgment of our 'works'/way of living our lives, if we confess our sins and desire to honor God, then those sins are forgiven and forgotten.
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This is a question I've thought about before. I'm glad to know the answer now. :)
Only because we havent had faith in god and we havent forgotton, making our prayer of none effect.Example: if you forgive someone but havent forgotton the transgression then you never truly forgiven that person you are holding a grudge no matter how serious or great the offence against you.This applies to our selves and towards god aswell,if you ask god to forgive you and you believe he has forgiven you, then dont dwell on it, forget the matter and move on.Same thing when you ask him for something and you believe he will do it. In otherwords have faith in him, believe he will do it, do so but dont doudt or question it afterwards because then you have lost your faith and made your prayer of none effect.You work,you have faith that your paycheck is there at the end of the week.So likewise faith is the substance of things hoped fore.When i pray,the words "I BELIEVE" comes to mind when im through praying,then the wait is on.But remember he gives what we need not what we want.Scincerely I hope this helps God bless.So be it
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1Corinthians chapter 5 might be some help. The church is judged now and the world later. Paul said in verse 12 "It isn't my responsibility to judge outsiders, but it certainly is your job to judge those inside the church who are sinning in these ways. God will judge those on the outside; but as the scriptures say,'you must remove this evil person from among you.'"
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