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Being in “Off” mode... Lord, where did you go?

Being in “Off” mode

I find that I am in “Off” mode…
It is always an odd feeling…
Jesus has spoiled me, by using me so often to speak forth such wonderful anointed things, I have become accustomed to it. I find I am slightly confused when I am in that place where I no longer can speak…
I am in the place of “the Off mode”.
It is not like I have done anything wrong or that God is mad at me.
It is not like I think “I am THE MAN”… he he he
No, I fully know I can do nothing with out My Lord.
Jesus is everything I am nothing.

So, what is it then? Did I pour out All of my Holy Ghost anointing oil?
No, it is just that I find there is little “need” for me to speak to at this moment.
Sure, I could go LOOKING for “need” it is always out there.
But I find, that when I do Search out “need”, and I find it, I ALWAYS say the wrong things.
God gets dishonored and I look Like an Idiot…
So, I have learned (he can be taught) to wait on Jesus to bring me to the “need” that HE wants me to address.
After all, I am not the ONLY hero in the Kingdom of God. He he he.
Not every Giant was born for me to slay…
No, I have learn THAT much!

So, what does a guy do, who is always “doing something” for the Lord?
When he finds he is in the “OFF” mode…?
I find that being silent and just loving the Lord Jesus
For who He is, not just for what He has done. Not just for what He will do.
No. Just loving Jesus for simply BEING Jesus… Is the Best thing!

I read some random bible pages.
I just sit and look at the sky an think how Big my Lord is.
I just close my eyes and thank Him for kissing my face…
with the wind that He made blow there.
I Look at my Girl, and remember the wonder of watching her be born.
I listen to the birds singing worship unto my Lord God.
I thank Him and love him with a quiet joy filled heart.

I do nothing, but love Jesus…
After all, that is why he saved me.
I wait..
I listen..
I reset..

Because the Battle WILL come.
And I WILL be called to take up arms.
The mind WILL quicken!
The lips WILL stammer!
The Prayers WILL intercede!
The Perfect words WILL be said!
The Blood WILL flow!
The Rusty gates WILL once again be smashed down.
The Lord WILL once again have us ascend the mountain.

And blind souls WILL, weep and blink in the light, as they see their God for the first time!

All these thing WILL happen…
But for now I am in “OFF” mode.
So, what WILL I do now?

I will rejoice in it … and be GLAD in it!!!
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Very nice Newman. I myself sometimes am not even sure if I am in off mode or not, but know that GOD promised to never forsake me and will always be there. That's enough for me to know that GOD loves me and has His hands on my life :)
Hi NewMan,

Often God allows us to go through these "dry times" to test our faith and mature our relationship with Him. It's easy to love and follow God wholeheartedly when it feels terrific. God wants to see if we will love and follow him just as much when we feel nothing at all, or even feel discouraged and depressed.

All great men of God went through these kinds of experiences Job, David, Hezekiah, etc. (see Isaiah 45:15) In fact in the case of Hezekiah we are clearly told that God left him alone to test him!

God withdrew from Hezekiah in order to test him and see what was really in his heart. 2 Chronicles 32:31b

We cannot rely on emotions; true faith is beyond "sight" and feelings. True faith relies on the reality of God and His promises. (Hebrews 11)

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All of you guys really knows how to lift up souls..I am also,sometimes. go through those "dry times", but God really knows me....

"The important thing to remember is that there IS someone who believes that we can succeed in everything we do as a Christian. Even if it seems that nobody on earth supports any of your efforts as a Christian, God always knows and believes that we can do just about ANYTHING for him, provided our determination is there. And if we persevere in our walk with Jesus, we will surely reap the rewards when we eventually go to be with Him

in Heaven.

- Dan Owen, Christian Youth News."
New Man:

That is absolutely wonderful! You hit the ol' nail square on the head about works without the leading of Jesus. Doing things on our own initiative can really mess things up. I was on another site today and I saw a post that said how they are getting really annoyed by people who cram the Gospel down their throats. Be lead of the Spirit and you can't go wrong!
"I thank Him and love him with a quiet joy filled heart."

Thank you for sharing all of you, just what I needed
at this very moment :love: