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Being a young Christian in a circular world

Discussion in 'Prayer Request' started by JehovahDaughter, Sep 24, 2012.

  1. I'm not sure where to post this, but I suppose prayers would be nice as well as some advice. I recently started med school and before hand, I expected that forming strong friendship bonds might be hard, due to my faith, however I did not think it would be this...lonely.
    My parents would simply tell me "we sent you to study, not to make friends" if I discussed this with them, so I don't and that is fair enough, but it would be nice to take a break from studying and have someone to discuss with, someone to talk to, go out with and etc.
    Since starting med school, although it's only been a couple of weeks, it's seeming more and more difficult to be friends with anyone. Most of the people in my year seem to have formed instant friendships. I guess it is because they go out quite a lot. I've only been out twice with other people. First time was with a group of girls from my year to buy household materials and secondly was book shopping with a girl from my year. I mean these people are nice and all but i'm not their friend, I know this because it's blatantly obvious.
    I was thinking maybe I should go out with them more often, but most of their outings are at night to bars and out clubbing. I do not believe that there is anything necessarily wrong with being in a club or bar, but I also don't think it's the kind of place a child of God should be in; in addition to this I do not drink at all and i've noticed people react quite oddly to me when I say that I do not drink. I heard three muslim guys say the same thing, but the thing with this muslim guys is that they stick together, so even if other people don't want to be around them because of their beliefs, they have each other. There are so called Christians here who look at me like I am from mars because of the moral standards that I try to uphold. I'm not trying to force my beliefs down anyone's throat, as a matter of fact I have not even directly told anyone I am a Christian, I just tell them things about myself(when they ask) that leads them to that conclusion. (For example, someone might ask me "what's your favourite drink?" My reply "Strawberry smoothie" They ask "I meant alcoholic beverage" Me: "I don't drink alcohol"...)
    I suppose my question is, how do I survive 6 years of medical school with no true human friends? It's only been a few weeks and it's really hard and quite lonely, it's obviously going to get harder and i'm guessing lonelier. I know the holy spirit is a friend that is always there, but it would nice to have a human being that one can talk to and so on. I've kind of given up hope of forming any real friendships now, because it seems like everyone has amalgamated into their little groups and i'm on the outs.
  2. No easy answer, as you probably already realize. Pray for a friend and trust God to provide one in His time.
  3. I agree but we know that we must do things Gods way. I understand you totally because even now I am in school and im already not a social butterfly so it can be so hard for me on top of so many people are secular these days. I always go back to Gods grace is sufficient for us. We arent going to always get it right but this is what makes God who he is. I am going to pray he send you christian friends.
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    Praise The LORD Hallelujah!!

    o dear sister,

    you are almost about to compromise do not comply to the desire to fit in with this wicked world, satan is out to tempt you through other people to sift you.

    Sister there is nothing , no nothing more important then your eternal salvation which is in Christ Jesus do not compromise!

    We are not of this world, we are in it but not of this wicked world we must resist the devil we cannot have fellowship with darkness, if you go one step soon you'll be temted of the devil to go another and another by compromise.

    Keep yourselves seperate make JESUS to be your Companion in this trial, and seek His Face daily be guided by the Word and prayer.

    Keep yourselves from idols and do not look at the circumstances one day at a time is enough satan wants you to focus blindly on the seeming so hardness of it and on the seeming so length of this here trial and presents you with a negative outlook to let you have him focus you on the 6 years instead breaking those thoughts and taking them captive by bringing them into the obedience of the mind of Christ.

    James 4
    7 Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

    In Jesus Name i Bless you with the courage and perseverance to resist the world, your flesh and the wicked one.

    O stand fast!

    God Bless you and Strengthen you and Make you bold enough to say NO when the temptation arises, in Jesus Mighty Name AMEN Hallelujah!

    it's probably not always going to be easy here keep your focus on the LORD always! Pray and seek His Face daily! You will overcome by His GRACE AND POWER that is in you and available for you in Christ Jesus, no devil has got anything to say over you. o and i believe GOD Has more of His People there (other sisters) where you are i pray GOD Will Reveal them to you shortly. ACTS 18:10 Hallelujah!
  5. Boldness, confidence, fearlessness, conqueror are just some of the positive words to describe Jesus who spiritually lives in your heart. As you surround yourself or socialize with non-Christians, what you might not realize as I have experienced is that his positive presence of peace is like an invisible flowing river of water that flows outwards -just like a stone vibrating circles of waves when dropped in a still windless lake. Even if walking along the shopping mall or supermarket, Christ's peace is quietly flowing from our Christian hearts to other non-Christians of all ages from the very young to those in senior years, where we live in a multicultural community that hungers Christ's mysterious everlasting peace, especially non-Christians of different religious beliefs such as Muslim who wonder what keeps Christians alive and positive towards a crime-free and poverty-free community life.
    God's futuristic accommodation-free city: Kingdom of God .;*;. Rev21:2 .;*;. is a strong reminder or remembrance in our hearts where ultimate peace in an ultimate green clean future age has already been reached with God's kingdom when you look at man's progress to fight global warming that has just begun the race - it looks like God had already reached the finish line and his hoping that many new Christians who were non-Christians will end up inside his community-built city.
    I can imagine that all the luxury hotels, modern homes, castle-like mansions or even caravan homes and homes built from trash will return to the soil as we live in peace inside the ultra-modern accommodation rooms of God's five star luxury hotel-like kingdom city on a new Christ-transformed Earth where there will be no more of mother nature's disasters of destroying lives, and where human laws cannot bring mother nature to the court of justice for her centuries of crimes.
    May our victorious Jesus open our minds to spring forward new positive ideas that would make us live together as brothers and sisters of Christ as if we are already living in God's future-coming kingdom on Earth .;*;.
  6. Dear Jehovah Daughter,
    I think what you need to do is pray that God will give you a good companion at school, it would be tremendously hard for someone to get through 6 years of studying without any friends. But its just been few weeks, Im sure you will find someone. Being friends with non-believers is not bad, after all how can we share the Gospel to them if we isolate ourselves. But it also doesn't mean that we need to compromise with their standards & actions to be friends with them. It worked for me in college, I was in this really "cool" group of peeps who drinks & smokes...(but ofcourse its not cool) but I never ever joined them. It never lasted anyway, there's this one time they drink alcohol and I got myself a chocolate milkshake! They laughed but I insisted I wont drink because I am a Christian. They were amused but still ok with it, they even offered to buy me another chocolate. Afterwards, I slowly detach myself from them, and joined some other classmates, I did maintain to be friends with them. Only I dont go out with them anymore. And in God's help I got to share the Gospel to someone that to this day is still my bestfriend and a serious Christian. Just keep being friendly to them, if they turn away from you, don't feel bad. Maybe God will even use you in that place. Just keep praying God will lead you to someone. Lighten up a bit to make them feel comfortable. But be on your guard, there will be times you have no choice but to mingle with them, like group studies etc. The next years will be even harder, being a Christian is not uncool. Im pretty sure there's atleast one Christian fellow in your school. Will keep you in prayers. God Bless!
  7. I'm praying God will send friends your way. In the meanwhile, you have us. :friends:
  8. update: thanks everyone for your replies. I haven't been on here in a while because of school work. It is very overwhelming. I still haven't made any real friends, but I think i'm getting used to being alone, it doesn't feel as lonely or depressing as a month ago lol. When God is ready He will send someone into my life and I am willing to wait for that. Thanks to those of you who prayed for me :)
  9. I haven't forgotten you and am still praying that you find a few understanding friends.

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