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being a mark for christ

I'm a junior in college, my major is photography.
I have been praying and fasting about being a mark for christ. I want my photographs to be a mark for his glory to bring people to him.

I did a series of photographs for my project that were off the top of my head and the others were planned... my professor loved the ones that were on a wim he said they were powerful. no sooner he said that I got afraid. not afraid of my work being powerful, I was afraid because this was an idea that was off the top of my head...or was it?

my prayer request is that I want the Lord to use me and I want to be more in tune with him and not worry about where the next idea is going to come from.
I realy want to win souls through my art.
God has already planted that seed. You are willing and able to hear what he wants. You've shown that by following what you thought was a wim. Only the people who want to be in front get there. Your in the front asking and he will answer you. Read John 1:4,5

Love in Christ