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Becoming A Survivor

This is the SHORT version of MY life/testimony. Some day I hope to post all of it, but it is in the computer somewhere! :)

I have heard people say that being a victim is so hard, but I’ve been there. Being a victim is easy compared to becoming a survivor.
You may ask how do I know? Well, I am a survivor. No, I didn’t survive a rape. Or breast cancer. Or even a hurricane.
I survived sexual abuse or molestation by my grandpa.
How did I survive you ask?
I survived by my own sheer determined will. I knew I had to find a way to stop the pain, shame, fear, anger, etc. from eating me up inside. It was like a parasite was eating my heart and soul.
How did I get it to stop?
Well, first, I had to admit to myself and others that there was in fact a problem. This is harder than most people realize.
Second, I had to want to heal and forgive, which isn’t easy either.
Third, I had to start to forgive Grandpa and myself.
Fourth, I had to keep talking about it even when it hurt.
Fifth, I had to ask God to help me. See, I thought I could do it on my own, but I couldn’t. I needed His help.
Where am I now?
I am somewhere between forgiveness and healed. I have forgiven Grandpa and myself. When I tell my story now, I don’t cry like I once did. Now I have a confidence in myself. Now I have become a survivor.
Staff Member
God bless you Jen :)

Glad to hear that you have forgiven as GOD has forgiven you. You did something that requires real Christlike love and humbleness.

Share your testimony forever!

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