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Because, I Said So!

Staff Member
Because, I Said So! - December 07, 2005

"Then God said, "Let the land produce vegetation: seed-bearing plants and trees on the land that bear fruit with seed in it, according to their various kinds." And it was so." Genesis 1:11 (NIV)

One of the many privileges of being a mom is being able to pull out and use some great empowering "catch phrases" when absolutely necessary. One of my favorites is the simple, but authoritative, "Because, I said so!" Okay, I confess that it really feels good to say this to my son on occasion, and just because I'm the Mom!

One morning I was in the mood for scrambled eggs. I took the egg carton out of the frig and when I opened it, I was surprised to see brown eggs. Now, we've never purchased anything but the regular, good, old-fashioned white eggs before, so I was a little taken back. My husband said they were better for us to eat; something about no preservatives. But I wasn't interested in that part; I was fascinated by what I saw. Not only were the eggs a beautiful light brown color, but one had lovely speckles of blue dots all around it, as if they were hand painted on its circumference. Another was just a little darker than the rest; a delightful caramel color. Another had the tiniest hint of a natural tie-dye effect; they were truly amazing to look at.

I wondered why these eggs were so different and unique from one another. Why were some eggs white and others brown? The only logical, reasonable, certain answer that I could come up with is that God wanted it that way. And in His infinite wisdom He declared, "Because, I said so!"

Even though we may not want to hear that sometimes, it is the answer that we hold on to. When times are uncertain and we call upon our Lord to help us, He will answer. But, it may be in the soft whisper that only our hearts can hear. The words "because, I said so" are gently placed there for us to take in and gain the strength from that we need to continue on. When we are angry with God for placing us in a situation where we have to wait upon Him, I can just imagine His firm, strong voice ringing in my ears, "Because, I said so." When a new baby is being born and the undeniable miracle of birth unfolds, He proclaims in a loud and exuberant voice, "BECAUSE, I SAID SO!" Finally, when we are ready to leave this world and enter into our Father's rest, He will hold us close, with tears of joy streaming down our faces as we proclaim, "because, HE said so."

However, the greatest time that these words were ever spoken was when His one and only Son, Jesus Christ, was nailed to a lonely cross at Calvary more than two thousand years ago for my [and your] sin. And God said, "because, I said so".

And that is enough said.

Contributed by Diane Check
He will hold us close, with tears of joy streaming down our faces as we proclaim, "because, HE said so." Glory! What a simply beautiful message thank you!
Thank you, God, for your great love.

Chad, thank you for all you do and for this devotional.