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Beautiful Dream

Hello to all my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus!
It's been on my mind lately, about if i wanted to post a dream I had not too long ago, perhaps some months ago.
I wasn't sure where to post this but since i saw another dream post here, i felt ready, lol.

I was surrounded by white clouds in the sky; it was completely pure and clean. I think i was wearing all white.
It wasn't like being in the air (like an airplane), where you could see the ground and houses/etc below you. It was completely surrounded by the environment.
I had then realized that i was actually floating in the air!

While in the air, ahead of me, was a literal narrow path. I was now on the path, floating (going) forward.
Along each of the sides of the narrow path, there were many golden crosses (small) standing upright and shining and sparkling so brightly. It was a sight to see!
It was so beautiful and holy to me.

At the end of the path, I could see who I knew to be Jesus, sitting on His Throne. It was so bright to look His Way,
I could barely make out Him. I believe also, Him to be wearing a crown, I think.
As I was going forward, He was going further back. I'm on the narrow path moving forward and my goal is to reach the end to Jesus!
However as im still going forward,
He is moving further back on the path.
He was not getting smaller into the background either, He was still in the same spot! The narrow path has become infinitely longer perhaps.

This part concerns me.

What do you say my family?
This is a sign of your worry about Christ's acceptance of yourself. You believe you will make it into heaven, but that Jesus will be disappointed in you for your life in this earth. Works without faith is dead, and faith without works only makes it barely into heaven. In your own mind be secure in your love of Christ and be on fire for Him and know He loves you and the dream will not have any truth to it.
What you say is very true!
I have not been secure in my mind and struggle with His Love for me.
He draws me to Himself and wants me to become closer.