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Beaten but not Destroyed!

Beaten but not destroyed!
Written by Michelle Ross
A fiction story.
I dedicate this story to Jesus and all those who have been abused. You are a survivor! Although you were wronged you were not destroyed!

Tracey and Lance lay beneath the open sky watching the clouds pass over. Like children they both would guess the shapes what they could be. The breeze blew gently through the tall grass. Two children so much alike but yet one so different. They had grown up together from the age of 4. They were both fixing to be 14. He watched her as she smiled looking up at the sky. Pointing at the clouds. The wind blowing through her hair. What was it she wouldn’t tell him? What could be so awful she felt she couldn’t even trust him?
Lance always knew something when something was troubling Tracey and normally could find it out.
Tracey rolled over on her side looking at Lance.
She could tell he was trying to read her thoughts. She frowned and looked away from him.
“Lance, I told you I am fine,” She said.
“Ok, Tracey if you want to believe that go right ahead. We are best friends, and have been for years. “ He responded.
She got up and walked over to the trees. She sat beneath a huge willow tree. The long vine like branches blew tickling her cheek. She sat there looking down at the ground. Tears filled her eyes as she sat there not saying a word.
Lance got up and walked over.
Tracey, why won’t you tell me what it is? You know you can tell me anything and I would never tell.
She shook her head no and walked away never even looking back she headed down the hill. Lance sat there under the tree for a while and he began to pray, Lord, I don’t know what it is that has hurt her so bad she thinks she cant talk to me. If it was something I did please reveal it to me so I can help her. I don’t like it Jesus, she is my friend! I want her to smile for real again.
He sat there in silence for a while and decided he better head back home before it got late.

For the next few days Lance didn’t see her at school and she wasn’t answering her phone. He even went up to the hill to the old tree where she stayed a lot of times when she wanted to be alone.
He remained in prayer for her and wasn’t going to stop till he heard from her again.
He went by her house but her father was drunk like usual and would tell him if she wanted to talk to you she would call you.
He would look up at her window and he could see her hiding off to the side looking through the corner of the curtain. He would walk off shaking his head and kicking his foot against the dust in the road.
She would watch him till he was completely out of site and fall on her bed crying.
Her ripped shirt fell pass her shoulders revealing the bruises she carried.

Lance went to church that Sunday asking for prayer for her. The congregation gathered at the altar for her.
After church the Pastor walked over to Lance.
Son, Do you have a minute? He asked.
Yes, Pastor I can hang around for a bit. He responded.
Pastor placed his arm around his shoulder. Come on Son I will give you a ride home, and we can talk on the way.
They climbed in his truck and drove for a while without a word then pastor asked, Lance you have been praying for your friend a while haven’t you?
Yes sir I have and I don’t know what else to do. I have tried to call I have went by there yet no response from her.
They turned the corner near her house. He could see her house in sight. There was an ambulance and a couple police cars there! His heart dropped and his throat tightened as he tried to hold back the cry. Stop! He yelled. Pastor slammed on his brakes in front of the driveway beside her house. Lance jumped out and run over there. He pushed his way through the crowd.
He saw a stretcher being loaded in the back of the ambulance. His heart pounding, tears flowing down his face, filled with fear, He glanced in the back of the ambulance. They’re laid his friend. I am fine she hollered at the EMT. She looked out the door to see her friend they’re standing in the doorway.
She jumped off the stretcher reaching out to him. She embraced him tightly! She buried her head in his chest. She whispered, I know you prayed for me, the Angel told me you did when he pulled me behind the couch! He saved me! Daddy got so drunk and he was going to shoot me but the angel grabbed me, and some how, the gun backfired on him instead! He is ok but he won’t beat me any more! Lance hugged her tightly. The Pastor walked over to them and placed his arms around the both of them.

A month later had passed by, Tracey had moved back home with her grandmother, which lived not too far from the church. Fall had set in and all the leaves on the trees had been at the fullest of autumn colors.
Leaves fell softly dancing to the ground. The Church had never looked so beautiful with those huge oaks surrounding it. Lance sitting in the church happens to look back behind him and seen Tracey and her Grandmother walk in hand in hand. She saw him and smiled waving. He got up and walked over to them.
What an awesome Birthday present! He yelled. Tracey smiled and pulled out a small box from her purse.
He looked at her and smiled. He opened it and it was a chain with a cross that said, Beaten, but not destroyed! She smiled and said, Because he lives!
He hugged her and they sat together.

10 years later had passed, struggling to make ends meet and trying to get ready for the sound of pitter-patter through out the house. Tracey, sitting watching the clouds pass over, beneath her favorite tree. She patted her belly. She was due any day and she was so excited. Besides her lying his head on her lap was Lance. He still wore the chain that she had given him. They still pointed out the shapes guessing what they were.
Still going to church and giving God all the Glory for all he had done for them. They held hands and talked about the life they would give their child.
Tracey was a survivor! She may have been beaten but she wasn’t destroyed! The power of prayer works!

The end!

When you have done all you know to do, pray and Stand in Faith! For his word is truth! Believe in all Jesus died for! Because there is a Savior that was beaten, bruised, pierced, and hung on a cross, Yet he lives! He lives for you, me and all that chooses to except him as their personal savior! There is freedom from the pain that you carry today, trust in him he can heal those old scares!
what an awsome god
I just want to correct you sister Popples; to write God in Capital G because i think there is a difference between God and god! Although i get what you mean, but i think it is important.Anyway I stand to be corrected.

And Yes, I agree with you from that story that we serve an awesome and wonderful God!


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