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does anybody here like working with beads?
i LOVE beads and i like making things with it like, tossels(orthat is what i call them) and especially earings.
i was just wondering if im the only christain out there who like beads.....

hane a blessed(and cool) day,

vlooi :shade: :love:

i like da way that beads look afterthe jewellery an stuff is made.. altho ive neva actually tried doin it myself.. mainly cuz i have no time.. but yea.. i know it looks awesum!
I like beads, I have a lot of beads. I save them just in case I need them sometime. I don't know what to do with all of those beads. But I still hold on to them because they are pretty and I can use them to make cool stuff.
i am starting to make lots of stuff (and build up stock) so that i can sell it in school, bye!
:shade: WOW ... I member when I was much younger that I use to do beading & it was always a lot of fun but I have not done them in a long time ... so good luck in whatever you do !!
i only do beading for fun and relaxation (i think i forgot to mention that) and when i wathc a movie or when im watching my fav. shows
well no i dont think i collect any thing like i do but not heaps yet... but bead's is not one of em sorry... lol but it does sound... fun in way's... lol cos when ever i se em i am always ending up playing with em so yea!!!

Love Simon!!!
Ichthus everytime i read your entries or replies, i can't help but laugh!!!
well one of my hobbits is sewing...(but just between us, i'm not the
best at it!!)

No i don't collect beads, but i do collect alot of craft-type stuff in general.

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I luv beads they r my favorite. i work with all sorts of beads small little big fat lol lov ur sis in christ sokerbean
I got into bead making when i went to youth camp this summer (which was awesome) i've made all sorts of designs and colours i'm wearing most of them now... you should see my arms...
Stay Real
Thanks you all for your replies they are fun to read................... especially you ichtus.......
God bless