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Battling Bi-Polar-Schizophrenia Disorder&SSDI

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New Member
In 2014 I was Hospitalized after suffering sever "Bi-Polar Schizophrenia". Every morning I wake up at around 8:30am and take my Medicine to help with the Disorder. I have a Federal Government Contract that says I can not work for 3 years and that I am "totally and permanently disabled". Jesus Has helped bring the right doctors, medicine, and encouragement that I need in order to live through life. This is my first post on here, and I would very much like to ask for Prayer to finally be awarded SSDI. I am on the brink of being evicted, and legally can't work. Please pour out your blessings on me and my family, Jesus. Please Help the Poor and Broken. Amen.
Active Member
Brother I will gladfully pray for you and hope that Yahuah may help and bless you in your illness, and release you from its bondage.
Staff member

Thanks for sharing your request for prayer Tyler Woods.
It must be very difficult for you at present.

I shall be praying. May the LORD's will be done.

Bless you ....><>
Staff member
First welcome to Talk Jesus @Tyler Woods
As you have said Jesus has seen you through much already!
Assuredly, He will see you through this as well.
Continue to be faithful, for He will always be faithful to you brother!
Praying for His will to be done through you and to His Glory.
With the Love of Christ Jesu and in His name I pray for you and send my supplications heavenward. Amen!

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