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Basking in the Sonshine

Staff Member
Basking in the Sonshine

- August 04, 2005

No, I did not misspell "Sonshine". This is the type of warmth and comfort that I get regardless of the season, situation, or circumstance. I have a continued peace in knowing that even if I am ill or going through hard times, the "Son" (Jesus) will still shine on me. That's shouting news!

Many of us get so caught up in what, where, why, how and when, that we lose sight of our true motivation and purpose. I get joy in knowing that I can celebrate and there doesn't have to be a special occasion. I can sing and dance without music. I can shout praises and I dont have to be at church.

Make an appointment (and thats probably what you'll have to do) to go outside, find a place to sit down, and look up at the trees as they pictured across the sky. Look at the colors and record them in your mind. Just sit quietly, and see if you can hear birds chirping. Think about how peaceful that moment is. You may even hear children playing or traffic in the distance.

If this is soothing for you, mentally record all that you see, hear and feel. When you realize you must get back to reality, keep those images and feelings in your mind and heart. Don't let the day end without sharing them with someone special.

Contributed by LaDeane Simmons

Amen Brother!

Amen Brother! Having the right outlook and attitudes from the heart as to what God does for us is Joyful and uplifting but most of all faithfully true.