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Basic Bible - The Rod of Correction

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Greetings brothers and sisters in Christ. I know this is a sensitive subject for many (spanking).
I did some research and this is the result. Feel free to share your thoughts. Item number 2 in
the Basic Bible Series that I'm working on.

Definitely not talked about nearly enough these days. It takes a certain boldness to even bring it up.
Child-welfare and child abuse accusations are everywhere.

But then so are teenagers with no respect for life or anyone.
It seems the less discipline parents give their children... the less discipline they have... (hmmmm... imagine that).
Amen, yea the word is bold in its sins brother and I pray the Christians will be likewise bold with the truth(in love).

As the world comes out of the closet with all manners of depravity let the Christians not run into the closet and hide. Let us
not be ashamed of our blessed savoir who died in public (not in secret) for all (who will believe).

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