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I belong to a lutheran church. I was baptist as a child in a metodist church. They do it to be obidient to the lord to confirm that the child belong to Jesus. I was baptist when I was 20 in a pentecostel church and none of my 3 children where baptist as babyes. They are now 14, 16 and 18 years old.

In my lutheran church, a carismatic really living church, they baptise babies by putting them naked, under the wather. If a grown up come to faith, they do the same, in a bassin. Down under water. In the liturgi they say that the child become a christian by being baptist. I know that no one ever will say that a child go to hell with out being baptist. To me this is inconsequent.

My children choised to go to a lutheran church to have their confirmation
( confirming baptisme as babies) because they wanted to be with their friends. In a lutheran statechurch this it only a ritual. In my lutheran church, they would have been told more and asked about their faith.

It is not a trouble too me, but sometimes I meet people who askes questions.

How is this in USA or other countries.