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Balance of worship

I've been fortunate in some ways, to attend many different types of churches over the years.

But there are some churches that get so focused on a particular aspect of worship that they ignore all others,
I'm not so sure this is a good thing.

I've been to liturgical churches, that are mostly about pomp and ceremony, rituals and robes.
Readings and responses from book written decades ago. Candle lightings and reciting the Lord's prayer
or the creeds every week. Now while there is nothing specifically wrong with this, it quenches the
Spirit. There is no life in these services.

I've been churches that are all about the Word, the Bible. Full Gospel churches, and the Bible is a great
place to start. But knowing the word with only your mind, and not your heart doesn't hep either.
We can't just be hearers, but we have to be doers. The word without love is nothing.

Then there are churches that are all about the Love of God... "God is love" (and very little else).
God loves you, God loves you. Yes He does, but God is also Holy, Righteous, Judging, Wrath and Recompense. The love of God, is not the salvation of God.

There are churches that are all about the Spirit. Everything is spiritual. Everything is done in Spirit.
There is a lot of speaking in tongues at some of these churches. But little prophesy and healing.
But not all spirits are good spirits, there are certainly evil and unclean spirits, so just because something
is in the spirit doesn't mean its of God. Discernment is required here, but so is wisdom, the word, and

There are churches that are all about emotions, and joy, raising hands, singing loud, dancing before the Lord,
making a joyful noise. This is not a bad thing either, but worship without truth and knowledge is also dangerous. There are many false doctrines even in some of thew "Christian" songs on Christian radio.

None of these things are bad in themselves, but I just believe there should be some balance.
The majesty of God, with the love of God.
The Spirit with knowledge.
Love with righteousness and repentance.
The word with love.
Love with obedience and respect for God, etc...

I've never been in the "perfect" church. (After all I was there :) ) but I believe the perfect church would have
a good healthy balance of all aspects of worship. Not just one or two of the things we like.

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