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Bad words in public schools

I go to a public school and I'm very bothered by the fact that so many people use filthy language in the public school system especially the middle school and high schools.(In my opinion)

When I started the third grade other kids at school started saying bad words but just on occasion.

But when i got to the seventh grade almost everyboldy was saying them almost the entire time they talk. And still suprises me how they can even stand that.

i can't even stand it when people say bad words around me.

What are ur opinions about this subject?
Just pray to God to block your ears from hearing those bad words.

I know how you feel cause i was @ that place when i was in middle & high school.

I just read the word & talked to God in the mornings & @ lunch too. - High School
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I go to high school and I totaly understand you because the same thing is happening in my school and nobody thinks it's weird.I agree with Godsgirl, we need to pray to block our ears that we wont hear them.God will make all things better and we just need to have faith, and he will anwser our prayers. God bless you and I hope I will get the chance to caht with you again.:):):)
Don't let it bother you. Bad words? There's no such thing in my opinion, only inappropriate context (if you disagree, find some scripture to support that).

The reason I try not to cuss (which is different from swearing or cursing) is because it's most often rude or used in an inappropriate fashion; however, if other people cuss, it doesn't bother me unless it was in an exceptionally rude manner (around women, children, etc). *In our society, these words are inappropriate in polite conversation.*

You ladies tell him to pray that God will blind him to others' impropriety? Nonesense; rather, be an example: courteous, temperate, kind, and soft (but stern) in word and action. The solution to a problem is not to ignore it, but to set forth against it, always aware of that which surrounds you.

I know what you're talking about. The only (edit: well, not the only one) problem many kids have is their disrespect for either authority or their peers. Look to the root of the issue (ultimately their salvation), not these superficial manifestations. Cuss words cannot hurt you physically or spiritually, though you harm yourself and your witness by committing to inappropriate speach.

Then again, you don't have to take any of this advice (that's what it is, after all). Go to the word personally and see what your Lord would have you do (that's for what it's there, after all). He taught by example.

Take care,
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