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Bad Company Corrupts Good Morals Bad Company Corrupts Good Morals A House Divide by its self

Bad Business Partners Corrupts Good Morals

Bad Friends Corrupts Good Morals.

Bad Spouses Can Corrupt good Morals

Bad Relatives can Corrupt Good Morals

Bad Neighbors can Corrupt Good Morals

UnGODLY Counsel can Corrupt Good Morals

A Bearer of Lies can corrupt Good Morals.

“One Bad Apple Will Spoil The Whole Barrel”

“A Little Leaven will Leaven The Whole Lump”

“A House Divide Against it Self “CANNOT” Stand”

A Mans enemy will be of His Own Household”

But A Fly in The ointment.

“I came Not To Bring Peace but A Sword”:pensive: