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Baby Isobel Maria

Please pray for isobel and family

The umbilical cord was caught around her neck and she wasn't breathing after birth for 8 minutes and they managed to revive her but she has brain, liver and kidney damage.

Mum is very poorley as the section was very quick because isobel's heart had stopped. Dad is in distress and despair about the future. Grandma to Isobel ...Dad's mum is feeling heartbroken as she feels helpless towards her son

The family needs prayer. Isobel is on ventilators and needs prayer too. Please pray for God's help.

Thank you
Oh heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus we speak healing over this child of yours Lord, we ask that right now you restore her kidneys, brain and liver to line up with the Word of God! Lord we ask that you comfort and heal this mother's body Lord. Comfort this family in this devistating time, give them your peace Lord, the peace that surpasses all understanding. We serve notice to the enemy right now, that he does not have right or place in this precious child's life, that in the name of JESUS, he must flee! We thank you now, Lord, for this healing and comfort, we thank you in advance, for we know your promises hold true Lord. Thank you Lord....amen!
Isobel's Mum is healing well.

Thank you God

Mum is healing well and Isobel is stable. Isobel's dad has held her hand and feels more bonded and has some sense of calm.

Thank you for your prayers Ladybug
Baby Isobel is stable

Isobel looks like she will pull through. Praise God. She is being fed artificially still and responds to touch and seems to be moving her limbs.
Anna is moving around too and seems to be healing well physically.

Both Anna and David (Mum and Dad) are extremely anxious about the swelling of her brain and have many days of future uncertainty and scans.

Thank you for your prayer support mmd. They still need much strength.

God Bless you :love:

She is off anti fitting drugs. She is also feeding regularly.

Thankyou God for your capable care