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Baby Baptism

What if any is the purpose of a baby being baptized since they can't ask God to come into their lives & forgive them of their sins?
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Greetings @LordKnows

Baby baptism is a man made ceremony.

It is not found anywhere in scripture.

It is a false worldly security that suggests the baby is bought into the family of God.

A load of worldly rubbish I think o_O
I've wondered about baby baptism. I've never understood since Jesus wasn't baptized as a baby. Babies can't talk, ask God to come into their lives so the baptism is worthless.
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It's a Catholic tradition. Man made stuff. Nothing biblical about it.
Hey I have my certificate from my Catholic Church it must be real LOL. Its way for Catholics to squeeze more money out of you, just like all there holly days

, yes I do have a chip on my shoulder I was in that denomination so long

Mindy you would of liked my last Catholic Church they have a offering basket that get passed around twice during service no kidding.
Is it ever completely without worth to do what we believe is best for our baby?

Perhaps the ritual itself is without value, but certainly the involvement of the hearts of any who those really care would profit from it.

I remember my own Catholic baptism. I was 6 years old and it was my first clear memory of an encounter with God. I doubt that anyone else present felt what I felt, but it was supposed to be my encounter with God, was it not? I also remember another baptism about 26 years later in the Holy Spirit. That one was not a sprinkling, but an immersion. I haven't forgotten that one either.

Is any good experience we have had with God worthless?
Is it ever completely without worth to do what we believe is best for our baby?

There are of course parents who believe that getting their infant intoxicated or stoned is what is best for their baby.
There are parents that believe giving their children gender changing surgery is what is best for their children.

I remember my own Catholic baptism. I was 6 years old and it was my first clear memory of an encounter with God.

I don't know about your particular church or circumstance, but I can guarantee you that just because a baptism
is done in the name of Jesus, doesn't mean that Jesus had anything to do with it.
I've actually heard the phrase that "we are baptizing these people to the virgin mother, in the name of the Father, the
Son and the Holy Ghost". I can assure you, God had very little to do with that baptism.
What truly riddles me is not the parents as we know most have a good heart and are doing what they believe is right, but the priest who study the bible and do not fix this incorrect practice, why would they the priest allow this to go on if it is not in the bible,and goes against what the bible says. That baffles me, I do not get it, but I do often think that who ever started baby baptism and some one had to start it, knew exactly what they were doing and was sinister, that's just my opinion, hopefully I am wrong.

Of course the bible warns us men putting there man made traditions in front of the word of God, and this is a perfect example.
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I will not argue in favor of Catholicism as God did bring me out of that place, but neither will I now condemn the good that I did see in people in that place as well. That also is part of my testimony. God said to come out of Egypt but even in Egypt God worked miracles in favor of his people:

"And the LORD did that thing on the morrow, and all the cattle of Egypt died: but of the cattle of the children of Israel died not one." Ex 9:6
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