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Awsome Prayer in Chat !

I just wanted to let everyone know how blessed I was to be a part of the prayer in chat last night . Thank God for you all ! :love: It was an honor to pray with all of you . Thanks . Mike
Amen brother, it is so good to praise the Lord and pray together. Thanks Chad for the opportunity to do so.
I hope we will do this more often. Prayer is so important and with the ministry here it is very important for us to come together and pray not only for the lost but the leaders here and the other sites. They are targets for the enemy and he would love nothing more then to destroy the ministry on these sites. So always pray over our leaders. This is just as much of a church as a building. And we are the body. So keep them in prayer! God bless everyone here and I love you all. your sister in Christ forever!
Staff Member
I was also grateful for the prayer chat. I had a great time. Praise Jesus Christ forever for all He has done, bringing us together for great fellowship being one of the infinite reasons to give Him glory!
maybe if we all seek God about it and not just Chad and the leaders then we can all have unity of spirit and for God to open the way up for another prayer event.

God bless

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