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Awesome God

My God is awesome
He's big and strong
He lives above us
watching over us all.

Who is your God?
How big is he?
Is he like my God?
Does he own the sea?

How nice is your God?
Does he hold your hand?
Did he walk on water?
Did he walk on land?

How awesome is your God?
Or is yours, mine?
We're thankful to know him,
Blessed to be one of his kind

I love my God dearly
I pray you love him too
Look to him always
And you'll know just what to do!
can i love that same God as you?? i hope i do and i hope that you can share him with others evetry where... Good on ya Babe!!

Love simon!!!
yea, u gotta love it wen ur sittin in exams, not caring how u go.. so u start writing stuff, an it turns out like dat!! awesum stuff hey?? lol..

personally, i like em.. an i dnt like poerty all dat much, so yea