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Auto Save

Discussion in 'Blog' started by Chad, May 26, 2007.

  1. New Add-On: Autosave

    This modification adds an AJAX autosave feature when using Quick Reply, New Reply, New Thread and Private Messaging. When writing a post/thread/PM, it is automatically saved every 3 minutes and automatically restored upon returning to the page. The entire process is invisible to the user and is a background process.

    Multiple replies are saved and restored in the following manner. One new thread per forum, one reply per thread, one PM reply per PM and one new PM. If a saved post/thread/PM is found, the text is automatically restored to the reply field when the user returns to the page. So to restore a thread, they just visit the New Thread page in the forum in which it was being written, it will be there waiting. If they have posted the post/thread/PM and no longer want the saved content, they can manually delete it using a link which again uses AJAX. One click and it's instantly gone.

    To remove old autosaved data which has not been deleted by it's author, a scheduled task runs daily which removes any autosaved data which is older than 3 days.

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