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Australian children stuck in cave in Thailand

Discussion in 'News Stand' started by Fragrant Grace, Jun 30, 2018.

  1. Australians rush to help rescue soccer team stuck in cave

    Australian Federal Police and Defence Force personnel are being deployed to Thailand to assist in the search for 12 boys and their soccer coach missing in a flooded cave system for more than a week.

    The soccer team of 12 boys aged between 11 and 16, along with their 25-year-old coach, entered the Tham Luang Nang Non cave in Chiang Rai on June 23 but no contact has been made with them since.

    Prayers needed for those involved in this tragedy
  2. I think this is the story a missionary freind of mine posted on his fave book page he lives there currently he posted this on his page along with a video for a Prayer circle

    The Witmers in Thailand
    Yesterday at 3:16 AM
    ny of the Buddhists and animists believe that this happened because a spirit that lives in the cave is unhappy with the team. They think that the team must have disrespected the spirit somehow, perhaps by not making proper offerings of food or other items. Meanwhile, one of the missing kids belongs to a Christian family from the Lahu tribe. Other Christians are gathering around this family, and they are singing and worshipping and praying together as they wait, not only encouraging the family but providing a testimony for others around them. This video is a clip of one of their times of worship and prayer. The woman in white in the video is the mother of one of the missing children. Please be in prayer for this whole situation, and may the greatness of our God be known in Thailand.
  3. Thanks for that information @Dave M
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  4. Praying for all of those affected by this situation!
  5. Yes, I too am praying for all of those effected by this situation.
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  6. It's not a tragedy. It's looking like a miracle. All are alive and unharmed. But it's going to be a long task to bring them out.
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  9. It's going to take a lot of work to get them out. Pray for safety for everyone involved.
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  10. Off a freinds page who lives there update

    [​IMG][​IMG]PRAY. Rescue attempt happening now with the boys and coach stuck in the cave here. They are racing against time as the oxygen levels are lowering and monsoons are on the way. 5 thai seals and 13 foreign divers headed into the cave a while ago. Said they don’t expect more news for 10 hours. I think this first attempt is to bring 4 boys out... each with two divers. PRAY. Governor said they don't expect the first boy out until 9pm (8am US Eastern time Sunday) Lord be near in those dark and dangerous places
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  11. Continuing to pray!
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  12. Praise the Lord! Four boys rescued

    FOUR boys have been freed from the Tham Luang cave where they’ve been trapped for two weeks, surviving the difficult journey through flooded underground rivers and arriving safely into the hands of medics.

    Divers hugged the boys who were then evacuated to hospital in the Chiang rai province by ambulance and helicopter.

    The massive and so-far miraculous operation, involving 50 foreign and 40 Thai divers, saw the four children able to walk unassisted from the sprawling cave complex, ahead of schedule and in good spirits.

    Today we rescued four children and sent them to hospital,” said Governor Narongsak Osotthanakorn, tasked with overseeing the mission.

    “We saw the children’s faces today — it is the perfect day, the best situation. The operation went much better than expected.”

    Governor Osotthanakorn confirmed the healthiest boys had been taken out first and that the operation would now pause and not start again for another 10-20 hours while equipment was rechecked and oxygen tanks refilled.

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  13. That's a definite 'praise the Lord' for those first boys.
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  15. I just tried the link -- doesn't work. But I'd heard about the last of the kids and coach being rescued -- so everyone is out and in the care of hospital. No doubt -- a time in their lives that will remembered for years to come. Something to tell their children. They probably didn't anticipate getting world-wide attention. But this Is a small world.
  16. I have copied it here @Sue D. for those who can't open the link

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  17. Give God the glory for those rescued!
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