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Aunt in intensive care...

Lord, my Aunt is currently in intensive care. I just found this out and i'm having trouble focusing on this as a prayer. I wish that I could settle down and pray, but this seems to be how i'm going to do this, so please be with me. I don't know all the details, but Lord, you know the story with her. I just pray that you will be with her at this time. Come in to her heart Lord and let her know your peace.
She is a fighter Lord, but she is old now and she will really need your help this time. Lord, for my Dad's sake please go to her now. I ask you grant this prayer. Bless you Lord. Amen.

Could anyone reading this please include my Aunt Betty in your prayers over the coming days. Thank you.
Staff Member
Amen Chanandler. Just want to let you know that she is in my prayers and that your faith does seem strong. That is beautiful and great to hear. Also, GOD answers prayer through silence, out loud, dancing, crying, or even if you type it or write it on paper. GOD is great and awesome this way. Think about it. Would our loving Lord Jesus not answer our prayers (especially when He understands sometimes we struggle to let it out loud) if we type it on our computer? Of course not! He loves us and your prayers have been heard joyfully. My grandmother was hospitalized in and out 3 times in the last month or so for lung, breathing problems. She's home now but she's also old. 75 yrs old.

Don't worry. Keep faith strong and believe GOD answers each and every prayer no matter what method you use to talk to Him.
Just to let you know. My Aunt passed away on Thursday afternoon and was buried Saturday. She was blessed enough to pass quietly in ICU. She felt no pain, but now basks in the warm glow of God's splendour! Amen. Thank you for your prayers.