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Attorney general disagreed with FBI chief on Clinton announcement

Discussion in 'News Stand' started by Blunder_Duck, Oct 30, 2016.

  1. Attorney General Loretta Lynch disagreed with FBI Director James Comey’s decision to send a letter notifying Congress of new developments in the probe of Hillary Clinton’s private email server, CBS News’ Paula Reid reports.

    Sources close to the Clinton investigation told Reid that Lynch encouraged the FBI chief to follow a long-standing practice not to comment on ongoing investigations. While the two did not speak directly, the attorney general’s position was made clear to Comey. Comey’s decision to flag the new emails was thus made independent of his boss, the attorney general. Continues at MSN @ CBS News with reporting video also

    I remember back in the day when political corruption was something that the corruptors strove to hide behind closed doors. Now, it's on the news. And the corrupt could care less. In fact, some run for office laughing all the way to the bank.
    Dear God please protect our country.

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  2. Exclusive: (Video and article) FBI still does not have warrant to review new Abedin emails linked to Clinton probe

    Shocking isn't it? Lynch heads up the justice department. And she's already said she has no interest in evidence against Hillary.
    My thoughts on this is , this is coming out now so that when Trump takes the office it will be believable because the news about Hillary's corruption makes it look like no one trusted her to hold the office.

    And if these emails were on Wiener's computer then his wife and he should be prosecuted.
  3. This is nothing more than a decoy, a distraction ordered by whom attention can be drawn away from, from all of the damaging emails brought forth this past week, and vote rigging.
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  4. I would agree with you. At this point I think this election process, campaigning, is more like a circus than a democracy in action.
  5. The way I see it, vote Trump and intercede in prayer that GOD will bring men and women into his realm with sound wisdom and council. Hillary on the other hand, is evil is every sense of the word. Constantly lying and denying. She's pro-abortion too. That ends it all for me.
  6. Comey did get his warrant today. Hillary is trying to move past that.
    I bet she is. The link below includes her latest video. Lots of videos in that link below.
    I still think this is all political theater. It is like reality TV airing from the D.C politics as usual station.

    FBI obtains warrant for newly discovered emails in Clinton probe
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  7. I told my barber that ALL authority is God given. He said in amazement "you're not saying that God would be for Hillary?" I smiled and said that I wouldn't know until I was in the ballot box and prayed asking for guidance.

    Needless to say he fell back into his chair as if he was the person getting the haircut he was so amazed!!!

    Not that I'm a hillary fan, because i'm not. Start at liar and you go down hill from there.

    I'm just amazed at how we as Christians can seek guidance for just about everything else under the sun, but for voting we are willing to trust to our own judgment.

    I may go in the booth with a slight leaning towards one but if the Holy Spirit impresses upon me to vote for the other or not at all. Difficult as it may be for me to do so, and difficult it is. I will follow the prompting of the Holy Spirit.

    I've always wondered if there is one of us that would attempt to stop our Lord Jesus from being crucified if we could? I hope you see the analogy. Our desire or perceived ability to judge what is best moving forward without Holy Spirit guidance is questionable at best.

    I'm sorry if this upsets some. For the lesser evil seems to be the avenue left for us to choose from.

    I can only pray that it's not too late to turn this country back to God whichever leader He lays upon our spirit to pull the lever or push the button for.

    God have mercy on us and this nation called America. In the name above all names Jesus Christ I pray Amen.

    We long for your return oh Lord!
    With the love of Christ Jesus.
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