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Staff member
Thank you all for registering and becoming part of the Talk Jesus community board. Please take a moment to introduce yourself in this forum. If you are already a member, please welcome the new members and make them feel at home :smile:

God Bless!
New Member
Hi,Iam about 3 weeks old on here. I think it is great
to share the word of God with each other. It has been a blessing to me.
There is a lot for me to learn.You all remember me in prayer.
New Member
:grin: Hi! This is my first post. My name is Amie and I live in NY. I'm a writer and I like to make new Christian friends and pick their brains about characters and plots etc.. I hope that's ok. God bless you all!
Staff member
Welcome aboard gerlene and amie :smile: I'm really happy to have you both here! Amie, I'm also from NY :smile:

GOD BLESS :smile:

Be active, be praiseful! :wink:
New Member
Hi Chadi. Thanks for the warm welcome! I'm working today
I have to revise this manuscript for the millionth time I was supposed to have it done last month but it's been a busy summer. I don't want my agent to freak out on me so I'm working on Sunday Thanks for letting me cry on your shoulder... Now I have to get back to work
God bless your day! <><
Staff member
:grin: that's ok amie...i think alot of us work on sunday whether a little or not..i work from my home office so its a little from me regardless the day...GOD BLESS :smile:

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