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So seeing this is quite vague of a title, i'll start off by explaining what I'm talking about.
There's a relative of mine who lives with us, who I've spoken to on many occasions about NOT doing something which affects me rather negatively. She plays her radio at night and the music comes into my room, because I live in an extended family. She's given me her word she wouldn't do this, even after we had a discussion explaining how I can't sleep, or stay up for hours (I'm a light sleeper) when she plays her radio.
Having spoken to her on many occasions, i noticed depending on the day, or her mood, she will change from promise to a more capricious mind and violate our promise.
I've prayed to the Lord for deliverance, vindication and help from what this relative has done, and for the spirits of stubbornness operant on her life to be removed. I know the Lord hears me, and there are times she'll listen, but I know Satan uses her as a vehicle for my spiritual warfare and testing, but I want to defeat this opposition in my life once for all.
I pray you step into my shoes for a second before giving your replies. It's easy to preach without understanding context, so please put your context behind scripture, and be gentle. This might sound like "big deal", but it is, this is sleep, the most basic of life's necessities declined, and the matter of love those who constantly disregard me even when we say we are family and "Christians". I'm going through a hard battle, and from one to another in Christ, be kind with your words.
Hi Melissa.. I'll pray for your situation to change. I know I haven't experienced what you're going through, but I do know that satan is using his minions to influence the lives of believers to get them to sin in any way possible. My pastor has been teaching on abiding in Christ thru love lately and I believe in my heart the love does triumph over all evil and that we as believers need to love even the unlovable and its certainly something I need help with as "I'm not there yet by any stretch of the imagination"! I've got a very strong jezebel spirit operating in the life of a good believer friend and this controlling spirit is trying to derail and discredit the walk of a good & faithful servant friend of mine and this jezebel even tried to manipulate me months ago before the Lord stepped in and pointed out what was going on. All I can suggest is that the enemy is on overdrive in my estimation at this point trying to discredit our walks and make our lives miserable to division, back biting, strife, etc.. Hold fast to Christ and perhaps ask the Lord to help you love this person all the more.. God bless you sister!
I will pray for your situation. I have trouble with sleeping, so I understand very well how it is to be over tired when you need to be alert.
Have you considered trying ear plugs?