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At the Foot of the Cross

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forgive me please if the expression, "at the foot of the Cross" bugs you in any way as being not Scriptural, but please bear with me as i attempt to 'paint a picture' for your consideration. Thank you in advance.

Christ and Him crucified. The foot of the Cross, one of the many cruel crosses that were used so ruthlessly against victims of the Roman Empire, the Cross of Christ Jesus, the Son of God.

A man must go there to find the Door.
A man upon reaching the Cross once able to look up, past those beautiful butchered feet, the bleeding heart and nail pierced hands upwards to that face that never knew malice nor guile, and then to a vicious crown of mockery made of terrifying thorns, embedded in the Head of Him Who gave His life for the sin of the world... in trembling silence..... knowing it was his sin, too, that nailed the Saviour of mankind to that torture pole... totally taken in by the holy love that drew him there, his burden falls from his once oppressed back and in that moment He believes and receives the promise found in the Gospel of Peace, that whosoever believeth in Him, should not perish but have...
eternal life.

Have you been there? If not, dear reader, go at once, do not delay, come to the Saviour while it is still today... come,, Jesus said, Come unto Me and i will give you rest.

For those who know the Saviour's love, remember that time of your first love and consider today, while it is today, the manner in which you present Jesus the Christ to your fellow man.

Do not be ashamed to go there often,
to that landmark of your eternal life,
to behold the Lamb as He was slain,
and consider your ways before Him.
Yes he is risen, risen indeed
returning one day in triumph
and glory and praise,
so while you are able consider today,
your words and their meanings,
consider your ways.

Brethren, when a man comes to the cross, what should he want? Is it really feasible that a man could come to the cross and looking up, say, "I want..."?

Looking around the world these last two thousand years, we see so many extra's on offer. We, mankind, have also witnessed the coming of many others claims for paradise by as many religious men. And with them all, they have an offer... it is not the Way of the Lamb, it is usually something that one might obtain as a bonus to the faith they claim.

Some offer virgins forever in the skies, some more riches for here and now, some a husband or a wife, a family, fun and play, some a gift from God Himself, as if they could give His gifts away. Enticing lost and lonely souls they offer and suggest, luring and scheming and rubbing their hands unknowingly in glee... at the prospect of another proselyte another pew warmer, more tithes..... numbers increasing well thank you Lord! they do not understand that they have their reward. And the band plays softly, the congregation stare, quietly concealing their judging glance, checking the time for morning tea... facebook messages,... no one will see... an a desperate, longing, hungry soul sold out on the benefits of their joining the mob... is deceived like many others who have done their job....

Should we want something at the Cross, dear Brothers? If so, please tell all, just what.

I can tell you this much that I know, when a man comes to Jesus Christ the Lord and King, He will receive of Him from the riches of His grace, from the Father of Lights, He will receive new life if he believes, at the foot of the Cross, seeing Jesus.

Christ and Him crucified, my brothers, that is all, and not only all but sufficient for me... undeserving sinner that i am. Death now has lost it's sting, swallowed up in Victory... what more could a man ever want when he knows his own sin, that sin that held the Son in exchange... for me.

So what do we tell lost souls that we find?
What is it they need to hear?
Should we offer luxuries or even gifts from Heaven?
What message do they need to hear?

Please, if you can, reply with Scriptures that will show others the Way, while it is for them, today.

And, please do not be ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one who believes.... nothing else... nothing less... and ask boldness from God in the face of your trials to preach and speak, to those you meet.

Bless you ....><>
The preaching of the cross..is to them that perish foolishness. But unto us which are saved it is the power of God. 1 corinthians 1:18

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