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At Home There — Strangers Here

It is a solemn thought that there is no place in heaven above or on the earth below that is not filled with the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ, except indeed the one sad exclusion of the poor, wretched unbeliever’s heart. There is no place from Calvary to the throne of God that is not filled with the love and righteousness of the Father as manifested in the Son.

If we always live up to the knowledge of this, what quiet and peace of heart should we enjoy! The very peace of God Himself would keep our hearts and minds; for we could get into no place or circumstance, no sorrow or suffering where we should not find the Lord Jesus. If He be between our hearts and the suffering, instead of the suffering being between our hearts and Himself, we shall find that place of suffering to be the best place on the face of the earth for us, as all suffering will then bring us nearer to Him.

There is no middle place. The bodies of those beasts, when brought into the sanctuary by the high priest for sin are burned without the camp (Heb 13:11-13). You must take up the Cross outside if you have the heavenly place inside. There was a veil over God for Israel, bet we have liberty to enter into the Holiest of All by the Blood of Jesus. The veil is done away in Him. To us it is the throne and temple above, the Cross and the Lamb below.

Those who are in heavenly association with the risen and glorified Lord Jesus must have His rejection here below. We are accepted within the veil, and all that is precious is there. The believer is brought to see sin as God sees it—is brought into the light as God is light, and being cleansed from guilt, enters the sanctuary through the rent veil. Such is our proper and only place, the earth being entirely shut out from us, excepting as we are pilgrims and strangers through this wilderness world.

As just in proportion as we practically know the Cross down here, will be our enjoyment of fellowship with the Lord Jesus up there in the presence of the Father. Light fills up all the place between the Cross and the glory. There is no possible place that we can encounter that we shall not find the Lord Jesus there; for to simple, single-eyed faith there is no spot between the Cross and the glory, be it heaven or earth, that is not filled with the Lord Jesus (Eph 4).

- Unknown

Excerpt from MJS devotional for Feb. 5:

“We cannot enjoy acceptance but in the way in which it was acquired or effected for us, and if we are in the acceptance we know that no improvement of the flesh could commend us to God, and that we cannot be before Him but in Christ. But if we are in any degree dark as to the crucifixion of the old man, we are not in acceptance experientially, we are not in the daily benefit of it, and our liberty by the Spirit can never go beyond our conscious acceptance.” -J.B.S.
None But The Hungry Heart

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